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What's this key for?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Gord, Jul 28, 2013.

  1. So in my impatient anxiety for my ninja1000 arriving tomorrow, I neeeeeed to know what this key is for! I've got the bike key and the pannier keys, but this one, I have no idea. It's a pretty intricate key. Any NR'ers have a key like this for their bike?


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  2. Seat Lock ?
  3. disk lock or chain
    looks like my kryptonite lock key
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  4. Looks like a disk lock key to me !
  5. chastity belt
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  6. Hahaha, I was JUST about to post the same.
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  7. What would Uncle Greg know about chastity?
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  8. Nothing, thats why he recognises the key ;)
  9. That my friend is the key to the highway.
  10. disc lock, maybe your dealer is going to chuck one in for you?
  11. looks used, but hey, I won't snub my nose at a free disc lock if one comes my way. Will sure beat the shit out of that last ALDI crap that lasted just half the black dog ride until the lock barrel fell out :/
  12. Just a question. Does the bike have an alarm? I was wondering what the blue things attached to it are (alarm fobs?) It could be a master alarm unlock key.

    Cheers Spocky
  13. the blue keys are triplicate for the panniers.
  14. Im really keen to find out what this is for.
  15. I'll find out in 8 hours :]
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  16. That looks like a front door key used by councils (i.e. council halls, community centres etc.). I've got two of 'em for a couple of place I clean for the local council at night and they charge a $2000 deposit for the privilege of having them!
  17. Oh the shenanigans I could perpetrate.....

    I should sleep, morning will come faster. Tomorrow also entails a rental inspection though.

    Bitter sweet bike delivery day.
  18. no disc lock came with the bike... I think the key is useless. ah well!

    Oh, and fcuk me, what a bike!!!
  19. Just take the bike out of the loungeroom and you should be right.
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  20. yes i got to it first