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Whats this bike?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Tomcatalex, Jun 19, 2008.

  1. Does anyone know what this bike is, is it an across without the boot?

  2. It's an early GSX250 - doesn't have the boot to be an across, or the twin disc of the GSXR.

    The Across did in fact come from this:

    The bike you've posted would have gone on to become the GSXR->Bandit.
  3. The gsxr250 Ive seen have small rear end
    Its funny cause it was only written in japanese, dont know how the front lights look, dont think ive seen sumoto selling them
    Thanx for suggestions
  4. oh yea, i see it, looks like a bandit with a fairing, shame they are all naked here
  5. I'm betting it's a prototype that never existed or someones own mod. it looks like a gs500 with the old gsx 250 twin engine and a fairing loosely styled on the bigger bandits.
  6. the only thing is the bandit 250 doesnt have aluminium frame
  7. Suzuki did make a variety of models during the late '80s-early '90s which are virtually impossible to find info on. Especially difficult to find just where the GJ71a-GJ73a range of 250cc engines were used.
    I know I looked at a grey import 400 that looked very much like the 250 pictured, even though I could find absolutely nothing on the 'net to say it existed (even though clearly it did).
  8. Ahh just as well the pic had the website from which it was taken.
    Seems it is in fact a modern Chinese copy of a Suzuki GSXR - but using a twin cylinder engine.
    Or at least that's the impression I got from the dodgy google translation from Chinese.
  9. It is a late model Suzuki GSX250 sold in New Zealand from what i can tell


    In the search part, select GSX250 under Model and it will bring a few up.

    I also heard its called a Suzuki GSX250 Invader in NZ. but not 100% on that
  10. Probably imported from China - I believe that's where they've been getting new GN250s from too.
  11. Sounds suspiciously like a bike I saw in the UK years ago. Looked like a GSX550 chassis and bodywork (much like that 250 you show), but with a 400cc watercooled four. I only noticed it because I had a GSX at the time, which, in itself was relatively rare there.

    Never seen another one since.
  12. Some more digging - the bike is in fact a Jinan Qingqi 250.
    Though it was made from plans/assistance from Suzuki.