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Whats this bike?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by speedyTX3, Jan 24, 2008.

  1. well fellow NR users/members

    im trying to find out what this bike is...

    afaik the side fairings have been removed and front has been replaced with the mask thingo.

    any ideas?


  2. CBR600 F4i?
  3. OR

    A GSXR 600 or 1000

    not sure on year tho.
  4. looks like a cbr600rr or an f4i. I think the rear sets look like the cbr.
  5. Nah it definatley NOT a 600RR

    there all undertail exhaust
  6. Upon first impressions i thought GSXR600 from the tail, but after looking closer, it looks like could be CBR600 F series.
  7. gsx600, can't be sure.
  8. Its stunting.. probably f4i
  9. looks like a CBR929rr juding by the colour of the rear tail, but the swing arm is black
  10. definitely a gixxer
  11. All these Jap things look the same anyway :LOL: :p :p

  12. How can it be a gixxer?!?!?!?

    The rider is wearing all his safety gear!!
  13. clearly this gixxer has already been crashed by a singlet+shorts+thong wearing squid. the stunt rider bought it from the auctions for cheap cheap.
  14. definitely like CBR600f4i
  15. ^fixed :grin:
  16. After closer examination its definitely a gixxer going by the plate with holes on the upper part of the rear swing arm, haven't seen any other bike with that on it.

    Thanks a heap boys and girls!

    btw, the picture is a friend of a friend of mine from Serbia... looks like they've pulled their head out of their ass and flexed their ego muscle on a bike instead :p

    no offence to anyone, half serb/half croat myself :twisted:
  17. Looks like a half naked gixxer, little one, mayb 600
  18. It's a K4-K5 Gixxer 600- 750 or a K3-K4 Gix thou. Everything on it is exactly the same as my Gixxer 6 so I'm leaning towards one of the smaller bikes. :cool:

    Just enlarged the photo. Pretty sure it's a Gixxer 6 just like mine. :grin:
  19. do you beat yourself up often? :p