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Whats the Yamaha Majesty 400 like??Trading down, is it good?

Discussion in 'Scooters' started by goddie, Feb 28, 2008.

  1. Hi, I need some input from scooter riders, I am on an xvs650 and have got it up for sale, nice bike, great cruiser, got the loud pipes etc, but want to get on one those nimble scoots to get thru traffic to work. Commuting about 22 kms each way daily using citylink so want something a little weighty and got a little oomph. Would the Majesty 400 be nimble enough to filter thru traffic?? I have heard that they are reliable, cheap to run etc. Any opinions would be greatly apprecaited..
    If you know anyone looking for a cruiser the link below is worth a look, cheers


  2. Both the Yamaha Majesty 400 and Suzuki Burgman 400 are suitable for citylink and still nimble enough through the traffic. The (new) 2007 Maj has better oomph off the line than the earlier models.

    The ultimate nimble city scoot is a 150, but they max out at freeway speeds and the 400 is a better compromise. Being an automatic, they are no-brainers in the city traffic.

    Both 400's have about 60 litres of storage space under the seat, so great for the brief case and other bits. Can leave your full face helmet under the seat during the day. I get 24-26 km/L around the city, better than that cruising the highways. Both scoots can get 300+ km out of a tank.

    Go out and have a test ride!

  3. thanks for the feedback

    Hey thanks for the feedback, obviously did your research, have seen both on websites etc but on th eroad not sure which is which, will have to get into town and have a close up look. thanks again for your input, cheers!!