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Whats the use of a multi meter

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by Kubira, May 15, 2009.

  1. Yeah so, what is the use of a multi meter.

    I have 2 batteries the same, had to buy a 2nd, as the first one boiled due to a faulty reg/rec

    so, the multi reads 12.5-13V on both, but they're operating the bike completely different

    After arguing with auto elecs about why my battery is showing 12.5 V and still not operating correctly("Well, maybe your stato, reg/rec wiring loom is faulty, have you checked your tyres"!!), i hadda buy a new one

    By correctly i mean, my new battery, switch on the ign. lights work as do the indicators, hi beam lo beam etc.. switch to bad battery (same V reading) and no lights, indicators barely if no light switch on etc etc ETC ETC

    So the batterys both read the same, but one doesnt work

    How can u tell if a battery is good using a multi, can u??

  2. Your old faulty battery may well read 12.5 volts when sitting on the bench or in the bike but as soon as you apply a load to it i/e starter, head lights etc...the voltage drops below 12 volts...it sounds like your old battery has dropped a cell, while it may still read 12 or so volts it's knackered... to test batteries they need to be "load tested".

    You can test your battery yourself by taking a reading with th battery connected to the bike but with the ignition and light off... say you get 12.5 volts.... then turn on the ignition and while holding the multi meter get a mate to thumb the starter button...you'll find with a battery thats on it's way out it will drop well below 12 volts..

    Multimeters are great tools for troubleshooting...an invaluable tool to have in your toolbox and inexpensive too!
  3. Using a multi meter on a battery out of the bike will not give a good indication of how good or bad the battery is, for a true indication the battery needs to be put on a proper tester to see how well it holds it's charge when a load is put across it, basically the equivalent of the lights, etc. on your bike when it is not running. Also while te load is being out acroos the battery you will need to take the caps off and check inside each ell for any signs of boiling, if the battery boils or the voltage drops too low under load then it's safe to say it's knackered. Hope that helps.

  4. Wrong. As Keith pointed out the tool has to be used correctly.

    I had a 6 volt dirt bike battery, showed 6volts fine when just sitting there, soon as i applied load (ie horn, lamp, etc) it dropped to barely anything. Soon as i got a new battery the bikes electrics worked again fine.

    If you have a GOOD MM (these tend to run $40-$90, more for the ultra ones) you can get alligator clips that screw on to the leads and you can clip onto the wires or terminals, so you can do the whole job yourself and hit the starter or whatever while keeping an eye on the MM screen. :)
  5. Dear OP, this thread has been moved to the right forum - it could have been deleted in line with the T&C's. Say thank you :)