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what's the tune in the current nivea for men tv ad?

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by twainharte, May 24, 2009.

  1. ok, tried to search for it in the resepticle known as the web, to no avail.

    want to know what the tune is called from the current nivea for men tv ad.

    goes something like this: two guys wake up in their respective beds, freshen up, walk out into the street and then nod to each other...

    the tune is an upbeat song with the word "heyyyyyy...."

    i've had a look here: http://adtunes.com/

    thanks in advance :grin:
  2. WHAT????!!! The interweb doesn't provide all answers???:? Now I'm confused
  3. is there a clip of the ad somewhere? would be easier to tell you the answer
  4. YMCA by the Village People.
  5. sorry peeps. does not seem to be a clip anywhere. which is kinda strange. have searched using all variables with zero luck.

    one of the doods puts on a hipster scarf. well, if that helps :LOL:
  6. I can't find a clip of the ad on the net either, but I know the ad you mean. I'll have a listen when I see the ad next and see if I can figure it out.
  7. I think it might be that 1st clip by Eels....good work there, Smee :cool:
  8. #9 twainharte, May 24, 2009
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  9. I take it back. Smee fail :wink:

    I know that song from somewhere, though....um.....where do I know that song from, then?
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  11. maybe you can try using shazam if you've got an iPhone.

    might work. if i see it on, i'll try
  12. dude,

    it's been found. post above you :grin: