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Whats the stupidest thing youve seen someone do on a bike?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by EVO23Q, Oct 29, 2010.

  1. Yesterday when i was driving home i saw a rider on a ninja 250 pull out his mobile and start texting while he was doing 60.

    I know as riders we sometimes do silly things but this is just plain dangerous.

    So my question is what studip/dangerous things have you seen riders do?
  2. Whats the stupidest thing youve seen someone do on a bike?...

    Not ride it.
  3. How long have you got?

    No individual event stands out, but riding in blind spots is worryingly common. I've seen too many people overtake on blind bends too.

    And, of course, there was my own near fatal error of judgement (many years ago) which resulted in my passing between two cars at 80 mph, with so little clearance I felt their mirrors brushing my sleeves :shock::oops:.
  4. trying to impress me by getting infront of me at warp speed....then taking a tight roundabout like rossi, only problem....too low a speed for the angle of tilt and the bike slid underneath him....
  5. Saw someone riding down the Pacific Hway definately faster than the speed limit, laying down with his stomach on the tank and legs stretched out behind.
  6. Saw a scooter rider being booked for no helmet once, he also wasn't wearing shoes.
  7. Most of the things on YouTube...
  8. a guy on a scooter wearing only shorts and an open face lid drinking a boost juice while riding around one handed. obviously wasnt indicating.
  9. HD rider was trying to block me for overtake and was too busy watching his mirrors that he ended up running wide to the other side of the road. I just tightened my line and went past.
  10. I know what you mean. I saw a guy on a GSX-R 1000 wearing shorts and thongs.

    Poor guy was being EPA'd
  11. The stupidest thing I ever saw was myself flipping a perfectly good GSXR1100 over off the lights.
  12. saw a guy on an old gsxr 1100 on the nepean hwy in budgie smugglers, singlet, flip flops and gloves ! I guess they made him feel safe
  13. I guess they were the hayubusa of late 80s.
  14. You were driving home huh? I'm noticing a trend to these threads.
  15. not THE stupidest thing I've seen, but coming home from Wonga Park last weekend I saw a guy on a cruiser with 4 or 5 plastic shopping bags hanging off his handlebars going the other way, full of groceries. This was on Maroondah Highway, 80kms an hour.

    I'll admit that I did some pretty stupid stuff back when I first got my licence (trying to jump off gutters, trying to do wheelies over speed bumps *cough*) Though most of my stupidity was in low traffic back streets.
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  17. Someone, most likely a girl, with a cardboard/hard-paper carry bag from SES over their right hand wrist, dangling, riding a motorcycle down George St...
  18. Whilst waiting at a red light in the city... watched a scooter rider come out of the side street turning right with his foot out motocross style in an open-face, t-shirt, shorts and sandals.

    ...Later that night entering the eastern distributor tunnel, another scooter rider splitting 7:30pm traffic that was averaging about 70kph.
  19. i didn't see the event in question, but a knobhead in my old unit complex would pull wheelies over speed humps on the driveway..... til he decked it and wrote it off.... stayed in that complex for another few months but never got another bike
  20. i've done most of the above