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What's the strangest thing you've transported?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Christinek, Mar 2, 2015.

  1. I've found sometimes I need to be a bit creative in how I transport things home (especially after I've been shopping!) e.g. 2 big Lego Advent Calendars shoved down my jacket or a bunch of flowers tickling my chin... I'm sure we've all done something similar - what's the weirdest thing you've transported, and how? or, what have you seen?

    No points for stuff on scooters, we've probably seen our fair share of flat screen tvs, dogs etc. in the footwell.

  2. There was a thread a while back in this. My contribution was thus:


    On a more personal note, I used to carry my full golf bag over my shoulder while riding the XT500 when off to play golf...
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  3. couldn't find a similar thread! Well I probably had a "man's look" (how risky is it to say that on a motorcycle forum...) happy for you to point me to it chillibuttonchillibutton :D
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  4. I strap my road bicycle on the back when I go to the mechanics.
  5. Used the buttoned straps on this bad boy to attach a plastic bag of shopping goods to my jacket.

  6. carton of tooheys new on the back of the dr650 is the best ive done so far
  7. Is that a midget bike or a unicycle?
  8. ohhh I have the same jacket JordanmacJordanmac - might need to try that!
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  9. Screenshot_2015-03-02-21-06-44~2.
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  10. Pfft its just a bicycle.
  11. It'll be just a frame with no wheels if you filter between 2 trucks lol.
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  12. Do you wear your bike helmet on the pusshie or take your pusshie helmet as well ?
  13. Sorry I've been looking but can't find it, think it was one of the humour threads that might have hundreds of pages!
  14. It's clipped to the rear. Though I'd say a motorcycle helmet is illegal on a bicycle as it doesn't have the right AS
  15. That must be an old pic, I've never seen your Kawa look so clean.
  16. I think that's when I dropped it off because it was covered in burnt engine oil after we road down to bald hill.
  17. A set of jigsaw gym mats. Wouldn't fit lying down so I had to strap them vertically on the Ventura rack like an airbrake. Didn't do the handling any favours.

    Fish and chips inside the jacket - it still smelled of chippy oil weeks after.

    Also in the jacket: a set of full-sized x-rays. Surprisingly comfortable, they were just big enough to use as a chin rest.
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  18. Once I was coming home from the weekly shop. Had the 16 pack of toilet rolls resting on the tank.

    As I was setting off to go A rather attractive young lady in the SUV parked next to me asks "are you OK?"
    "Yes I do this all the time"
    "I can drop something home for you if you like" and gives me a big smile.
    "No it's really fine"

    I'm not silly enough to fall for the oldest toilet roll stealing trick in the book.
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  19. I took the bike when doing a quote for work, as I do as often as possible. Turned out to be a repair so I had to carry a 10m x 8m shade sail from Fountain Gate to Bayswater on the back of the bike. Weighed about 60 kg.
    Had it bundled up fairly neatly but it was still bigger than me sitting on the pillion seat. I just fit on in front of it without hampering the riding position too much.