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What's the story with tolls in Sydney- melbourne rider

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by loader, Jul 29, 2006.

  1. Am riding into Sydney today from melbourne,
    What is the story with tolls and motorbikes in the city. Can I use etag routes without getting fined? What about sydney harbour bridge?

  2. I can assure you that on the M4 you will get fined (i work there), on the other motorways however I don't know... there's been some scuttlebutt around that says M2 and M5 won't fine you, Sydney Harbour Bridge will.
  3. everysingle toll way in sydney has cameras that will take a photo if you dont pay the toll. if your coming up from the m5, youll need 3 bucks for that, if you heading into the northern suburbs, its another 4.50 for the airport tunnel, or just go through the city. all the motorways toll bothways, the bridge and tunnel tolls city bound, thes airport tunnel tolls northbound. sometimes the etag doesnt work for bike and they'll just let you through, thats happened to me a couple of times.
  4. 3 bucks 50 come August....
  5. just follow the signs and throw lots of money at the machines when they tell you to :p
  6. you can use your Melb e-tag if you have one. I used mine in Melb last time when I drove there. Also be mindfull that Sydney road is different to Melb. It is narrawer, bumpier and drivers are more agressive. The positive side is that NSW policy is more tolerate on speed. In most of cases, you can go upto 14km more without incurring a fine.
  7. Always have change on you ,and small $5 ,$10 ,$20 notes ,some off ramps for the M5 the {main route from melbourne into the city} doesn't have a cacher ,you uses a machine just feed the cash in the slot ,nothing over $20 note .
  8. as said above,in NSW the standard routine sir is to pull up and drop the strides.
  9. But the limits are set lower for given conditions, so it ballances out.

    As to the original question, if you have a victorian toll pass, then just go through the e way lanes without it. They'll send you th fee in the mail and all you do is let them know what your account no. an tag no. is.

    No fine or admin charge will apply, if you ride a bike and pay promtly.

    The M5 won't register you going through. The m2 has recently started registering bikes, which sucks because you have to mail them your details, as they don't give you a fax number.
  10. Whats the story ???

    Below are the payment options to use Sydney tolls.

    First born child !

  11. Unlike Melbourne where there are no toll gates I think that most (if not all) the toll roads in Sydney area have toll gates so there is no confusion where tolls actually apply.
    In Queensland I went on one of the toll roads (in my car) and paid at the gate and still got billed on my Citylink account when I got back. No problem with this on the bike though.
  12. :LOL: :LOL: welcome to sydney ... that'll be $20 please. welcome to 20kms into sydney, that'll be another $20 please.... oh, you want to breathe our air as well?!?! that'll be $1 a breath thanks :p
  13. Damn!
    Sydney is no place to ride if you're a poverty stricken tourer!!! Don't know how aussies put up with such a righteous butt-rodgering burocrasy shafting them at every turn! Oh yeah- that's right they took away all your guns to "make you safer" :LOL:
    you or them? time will tell........

    Just cause I'm paranoid doesn't mean they're not after me!
  14. If your just touring around you can avoid the tollways, I havnt gone on one for ages. :)
  15. Oops...

    My first double-post here...
  16. I knew there was a reason I loved living in Canberra. No tolls.

    Half an hour from the far south of the city to the city centre (20 minutes at stupid hours of the morning when there's no traffic, no cops and all the lights are in your favour)...

    Oh wait, the roos are a bit of a setback...
  17. You don't have to use any of the toll roads if you don't want to. Every single toll road is avoidable if you want to go the long way. That includes the harbour bridge, there are ways around it.

    CCT did shut down some roads, but they have now been reopened.