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What's the riding like over in Perth?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by crumpetman, Jun 14, 2006.

  1. Hi All,

    Looks like i'll be moving to Perth due to work. Just wanted to give a shout out to all the Perth Netriders out there. So what's the riding like? I've heard the weather's great but there's a serious lack of twisy stuff. Is that true?

    Anyway, i'll be moving in about a month or so. I don't know a soul in WA so I hope to meet and ride with some of you when i get over there.

  2. Exeptional weather. Great lifestyle. Low traffic volumes. No real twisties to speak of. Massive distances between towns. Watch out for pea gravel at the exit of dirt roads. :shock:

    They do have quite a nice little race track called Barbagello Race way out in Wanneroo. They run regular track days out there so you can get your cornering fix easily.

    It's a quite but great place to live and I really miss it sometimes. Have a beer for me at the Cotto on a Sunday arvo. :)
  3. Do yourself a favour. Give the roadbike the boot and buy yourself an enduro bike. Big bore 4 stroke (xr650r or KTM525exc) would be perfect. Some of the best offroad riding in Oz over that side of the continent.
    Or if you're made of cash, get yourself one of the new KTM 990 Adventures.
  4. Ditto

    Yeah the weather here is not bad at all mate, winter often lasts about a week... I've only just bought my first bike, and am still waiting for my test, but I know a couple of the other riders over here, hopefully we can get some rides/coffee nights going on in the not too distant future. There's a place down near me where I eat a lot which might be a goer :grin:
  5. Lived in Perth for a while.

    There is some twisty stuff in the hills, which is not far by east coast standards, out of town, but not much of it.

    If I were still there I would own a cruiser by now. That would be ideal for the Perth climate and layout.

    Or a BMW to go away on.

    Be warned, however it's a mediteranian climate, which means it's overcast ALL winter and rains for a lot of that. The rest of the time it's great.

    The only other problem is there are too many pommies.
  6. I spent 15 years in Perth.
    There is some great country to ride to.
    There are a few twisties east of Perth, around the hills.
    Great touring down the south west with some incredible roads.
    Albany has some astonishing roads near cliffs.
    Down Augusta way is also great.
    In metro' Perth, you can't beat the coast road from Hillarys, right down to Fremantle. :cool:
  7. plenty of straight roads
    born and raised in perth - did alot of dirt bike riding. Grew up in Wanneroo so +1 for the wanneroo racetrack.

    Shops arnt open over there on a Sunday and no 24 hour shops :-(

    if i was to go riding id head up towards swan valley and around there, just take out a map and look for the sgwiggly lines.

    Oh and beaches there are superb! So take surfing as a hobby as well - and if your bored ride down to scarborough and have a perve!
  8. I second that of perving at Scarborough! :LOL:
  9. Huh?.....if it rained all winter my garden wouldn't look like a broadcast from Iraq. The winter sky is mainly blue, and the winter rain (which there is never enough of), falls mainly at night. There are twisties within 45mins of the CBD if you know where to look, but admittedly not to the quality or quantity of 'over east'. There are some world class bike roads in the south of the state though, about 3 hours ride from the CBD.
  10. Thanks for the responses guys.

    Glad to hear there are a few twisties not to far out of town. I'm actually using as an excuse for upgrading my bike :). Tossing up between Kwaka Meanstreak (i'm on a cruiser at the moment) or a Triumph Sprint ST. Lots of straight roads and living in the city made me think the Cruiser was the way to go. Now i'm not too sure. Never been offroad so not sure about enduro, something to think about though.

    JokerWA, I'll drop you a PM when i'm in the neighbourhood. Won't be for about a month, will you have your license by then? Not sure where I'll be living yet. I've heard good things about Fremantle.

    Anyway, cheers again for the info everyone. I'll definately be doing a lot of exploring when i get over there.

  11. Gday mate hope to see you on the roads some time soon. There are great country roads where i used to live in the south west, donnybrook all the way down through the kari country pemberton and surounding areas. Hilly twisty and with little or no traffic. The road i lived on was 30km of curving bliss through farmland and am lucky if pass more than two cars traveling it.
  12. No hassles, I'm going for my test on the 28th of July (and I'd better pass or I'm gonna have a :cry:) so I'd be close to if not already on the bike by the time we organise something. But i can hook you up with a couple of the other Perthies like Blakjak and Stuieboy even if I can't join you myself at first :grin:
  13. freo is the way to go. I've been living in and around freo for the last 10 years and have to say it is the best part of town for me.

    as someone previously said nothing beats the ride from freo to scabbs and back !! gotta love it
  14. whoops, should have looked at the date of the last post first
  15. It's all good, actually I've been wondering why I haven't heard much from crumpetman in the meantime :)
  16. Hey All,

    Crumpetman's good and has landed in Freo :)
    I dropped a hello into the WA Coffee Night thread but probably should've mentioned something here too.

    We settled on a place pretty close to the centre of Freo. I'm working in Bentley so i've been taking the Leach Hwy every morning. Still can't get over what passes for peak hour traffic over here :) It's such an easy cruise every morning. Still, what's up with the 70kmh speed limits on highways?

    So far nearly everyone i've met around here rides so i was taken on a quick blat up to Scarborough by some friends of my neighbour on Sunday. It was a quick trip but great to finally get out on a weekend.

    If anyone's planning any group rides my hand is always up. In the meantime watch this space for the Housewarming announcement. Shouldn't be too far away ;)

    Cya all at the September Coffee Night.

  17. Hey crumpet craig,

    Welcome to Perth. and Freo. I trust you will be supporting Freo in the Derby this sunday! :p

    Yeah the traffic is pretty tame isn't it but dont worry, soon you'll be complaining about it too. Oh and remember Leach HWY is not the worst spot for peak hour traffic in Perth. There are many roads far worse in the mornings/evenings such as Stirling HWY from Cottesloe to the City all of 12km but can take you an hour if/when the traffics real bad.

    Look forward to catching up at the september coffee, and then we'll organise a freo ride sometime.
  18. how ya going

    iv lived in perth all my life, im a new rider and finding it great, not to busy the freeway can get pretty hectic at times but then again its the same with most freeways

    im keen to go on a coffee night ride
  19. Wow it was wet & windy today and I must have been the only rider I saw in it.

    HAvent been out for long rides yet unless going to and from Perth i sa ride heheh.

    But I still love the ride from work (freo) to home (waikiki) along the coast.

    Hope to see more faces next coffee meet
  20. I'm always up for a ride here in Perth if anyone wants to go. Great weather for riding about 10mths of the year. The heat of summer is too hot (I reckon) and the middle of winter can be a bit too wet. Places to go for twisty roads are Toodyay, Dwellingup, York, Gidgegannup and Mundaring, but I will admit they are nothing like the quality of over East ( Tassie has the best riding roads I have ever seen). There's also lots of straight country roads which are great for really blowing out the cobwebs. The coastal road from Hillaries to Freo is a great ride on a hot summers night but beware, you will be distracted, I think it is the most dangerous stretch of road in the whole of WA, if you can keep yours eyes on the road your a better man than me.