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What's the real price of a GS?

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Sammo, Apr 8, 2013.

  1. Hi all, first post so be nice ;)

    I'm in Sydney, and currently on a Kawasaki KLE500, mostly road, some trails. I had my Ls 15 years ago and let them lapse - what a fool. I feel like I've been a motorcyclist all this time, and no bike. Full license in July. Managed to finally negotiate buying a BMW GS with my better half. Price - financially, substantial. Other - 3 months off the booze. Hello discipline - where have you been?

    Is it worth it? Totally...

    Anyway - hi and see you round the traps.

  2. um, hello
    Welcome but really what are you trying to say as it seems more like an incoherent ramble.
  3. Hmm... I thought you were genuinely asking the price of a G'S...which would have been a Beemer, a Suzuki GS (500) etc...

    Welcome aboard Sammo.
    Being off the booze helps achieve many goals in life..
  4. Crystal clear to me... but then, I've been accused of Alzheimers.
  5. mate welcome and ignore the rudeness. Normally people get a better welcome here, not sure what's up their butts today :p

    Just today I was walking up Macquarie Street in Sydney and passed a BMW 650 GS and thought it was a nice looking bike. I wasn't familiar with them so googled right there on the side walk :D
  6. thanks mate - I know the bike. There's a nice 800GS in that rack too - I work at the quay so I walk past them every day
  7. People who get a better welcome generally start with a coherent opening post.
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  8. There's the basic price, and then you need to add on the very expensive options, which are required to bring the bike up to the same spec as a Jap bike's std spec.

    This is what BMW used to do with their cars, everything was an optional extra.
    There's profit in accessories and servicing, not too much in unit sales.
  9. ah, is that that big mother that was parked on the footpath alongside a building today ?

    When I saw that I did think it looked ok but so damn big I thought how can enjoy riding something that big :p