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What's the problem with clear visors?

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by JontyG, Nov 15, 2005.

  1. Hi,

    I've noticed a few posts bagging the wearing of clear visors, for apparently being an unsafe choice. I was wondering why this is? Is it because of glare?

    I would have thought that a clear visor is more versatile, with better visability in all light conditions.

  2. they're fine on overcast days or nights, but shithouse for sunny days. if you feel you can ride properly while squinting, then thats fine, but i cant :wink: and sunnies in the helmet causes reflections and discomfort in most cases, can also fog up a lot easier.

    each tot heir own, but i think tinted visors are worth every cent :D
  3. It depends on your eyes. I have a major problem with glare, and I don't feel safe riding towards the setting sun without some form of protection. With my tinted visor, problem gone.

    Would I ever ride with my clear visor during the day again? Not a chance.

  4. I have always worn a clear visor and happy with it. I already have to wear prescription glasses so I have to wear glasses regardless (sometimes I do wear contacts though...). I have 'clip ons' for my prescription glasses and am happy wearing those under my helmet - they don't restrict my field of vision any further than my glasses normally do etc.

    One reason I haven't bought a tinted visor is that I often travel in the dark (sometimes going to work in the dark, home in the day - or vice versa). I can either choose to:
    1) go to work with tinted visor in the dark (in which case the visor should be raised - no good in some situations)
    2) go to work with clear visor, and change while at work (this means I need to bring a change of visor everywhere)
    3) go with clear visor, and choose to wear my clip-ons (which I have with me regardless)

    So there are pros and cons to having tinted vs. clear.
  5. i too wear a clear visor all the time as i find i have trouble judging distances with some pairs of sunnies and such am a but cautious of getting a tinted visor, might look into one just to try and see.... because without actually tiring both it's very hard to comment on both the pro's and con's
  6. Definately a matter of personal choice - personally I don't have a problem wearing sunglasses whilst riding especially since it means I can leave the visor up around town to enjoy the breeze without the risk of stuff getting in my eyes. It's also a lot easier to take a pair of sunnies off than to change visors.
  7. I have always had clear visors, and have never felt I was missing anything. I did try a tinted one once but wasn't really impressed. However, I have had an irridium one for a few days and it is clearly superior. It's not just the glare filtering, it makes the interior of my helmet cooler as it no longer has a 'greenhouse' on the front. There is nothing wrong with clear visors, personally I would prefer clear to 'conventional' tint, but irridium ahhhh thats the way to go IMHO.
  8. Totally agree

    BTW - great avatar :D
  9. I keep bloody meaning to get a tinted visor. The big problem with the clear ones is the contrast. If the sun is shining through some trees and you get the strobing effect, it can make it real hard to see into and through the shadows. Squinting does help, but I will get a tinted visor and be done with it. I tend not to do a lot of night riding any way.
  10. Clear visor - night time and when bad light stops play
    Tinted visor - everything else

    I always carry both with me pretty much everywhere, one in the backpack, one on the helmet.

    I used to like wearing sunnies with a clear visor all the time (can whip them off at the lights at dusk - no visor changing), but constantly cramming them in and out of the helmet eventually broke most of them (incl $300 pair oakleys) I figure visors are cheaper at around $50 each, but each to their own.
  11. and tinted/iridium visors look so much cooler...

    there's nothing worse than going for a blat up the OR in sydney in a clear visor only to have your pic snapped by one of the resident photographers and having your 'concentration' face captured...

    that and when you glare at cage drivers in a clear visor it's not half as menacing :LOL:
  12. Solution - tinted safety glasses. Think they only cost about 6-8 bucks, comply fully with Australian regs. for UV and glare protection and more than capable of stopping stones at 100kph.
  13. Tinted visor all the time , day or night , overcast or sunny . :D
  14. I just got my first tinted visor the other day after 3 months with a clear, I'm surprised that it isn't even that dark really, just takes the glare out. Only problem at the moment tho, if its overcast it looks much worse through the tinted visor, I always open it thinking its gonna rain any second, but it's just the visor....Plus they look so much better than clear.
  15. I have a smoked (tinted) and clear visor, plus tinted safetly glasses. Carry all three on every ride.

    So far, there isn't a combination I haven't used (apart from both visors together...). I often can't predict what time I'll be heading home, so its handy to be able to swap them around.

    Is it just me, or do clear visors fog up more rapidly and easily then a tinted one? My clear one, no matter how well I clean it, fogs up at least twice as frequently as my smoked one.
  16. I use a clear visor through the winter months as it is night time when I get home and the days are generally not that bright.

    During the summer months I only ever use a tinted visor. It makes a big difference on longer rides, you are not squinting as much and the sun is kept away from your face more. You get to the end of the ride not as tired as well as not having a headache.
  17. I always use a clear visor and sunnys, simple and versatile.
    The main disavantage of the clear visor is, you can no longer pretend to be the cool, handsome - and young - dood that you could with the dark or relflective one :LOL:
  18. I have my clear visor and usually go the sunnies under the visor option due to haveing really crap night vision and not enough room to take a spare visor and swap between the tinted/clear. I do prefer my tinted visor during the day as I can read the road better with the shadows/light. My major thing that I HATE with a clear visor is I get sunburnt nearly everytime I ride no matter if I have sunscreen on or not. So if anyone has any suggestion for a UV filter, let me know.. cos I've been looking. I did try a UV fog city type thing that stuck onto the clear visor, but I found that it just blocked my vision and I hated it... :? :)
  19. I normally use both. The tinted visor is great on a sunny day. Wearing sunnies under the clear visor is fine too but I find my ears get really sore after a period of time. :? Like CBC, I find I get burnt with the clear visor on regardless if I have sunscreen on or not. :(

    :D :D