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Whats the police presence like on the Great Ocean Road?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by papermate, Apr 3, 2010.

  1. Hi guys down in Victoria -

    I am doing the Great Ocean Road in one day. Melbourne to Warranaball via the GOR and then dumb it back via the highway.

    From what I can tell i should be aware of the fixed speed cameras in Apollo Bay and also Angellessa if I remember correctly.

    Is point to point in use at all at this stage?

    Are mobile speed cameras in use in VIC?

    Has anyone traveled the GOR recently and can update road conditions?

    any info is appreciated.

  2. depends when you do it...

    there's usually at least one cop somewhere along the road between anglesea and apollobay, USUALLY around/in the town areas, saying that though, don't speed on the straight parts just in case, specially between anglesea and eastern view.
  3. On a summer weekend the concentration is second only to St Kilda Rd HQ on a weekday :LOL:

    Can't help with current conditions, as I haven't been down there for 6 months. My understanding is that P2P cameras aren't in use yet, but mobile cameras are.
  4. was down there last week for a 3 days. saw one cop on the way into lorne, that was it for the entire 3 days, and we did the whole length of the GOR, and spent some time driving up and back between different spots, etc.

    this was mid week, not on the weekend.
  5. Yeah, they do tend to come out and go for weekend cruises, just like everybody else ;)
  6. There's usually at least one speed camera car between Torquay & Warrnambool, as well as one or two cops bikes or cars doing the rounds when I've been through on the weekends.

    No point to point cameras yet, that I am aware of.

    Best bet is to leave early on a weekday, less traffic too.

    On friday there was some sand down on some of the corners that has washed onto the road in a few places, other wise conditions are pretty standard.
  7. Theres often 2 marked cop bikes, an unmarked conformedore and sometimes a mobie speed camera in one of the towns where the limit drops to 50 or 60.

    Keep an eye out!
  8. X 2 to what most people are saying.

    Anglesea has the 4X4 out in force on the weekends, Apollo Bay has one as well and will try and get you in the 70 zone approaching Apollo Bay.

    Between Torquay and Apollo Bay, you can expect a marked highway patrol, an unmarked highway patrol, a marked bike and an unmarked bike. They communicate, and the unmarked bike travels in front, trying to get people going the other way. If you see him and run, his mate will know and will be ready to stop/chase about 800m down the road... You can expect all of these on a warm weekend, when the tourists and bikes will be out.

    And yes, expect a camera car in every town, cause there is usually 1 or two in a few of the small towns where the limit drops to 50 or 60.

    You'll have more fun if you turn right before Apollo Bay at a place called Skenes Creek, and head up that way to Lavers Hill and do a big loop. Skenes to Lavers is 100km/h zone, and most corners can be taken at 60 to 80 so you get a really good run and don't have to stress about your speedo too much....