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whats the point of the mrasa

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by rex11, Jan 20, 2007.

  1. the mrsa took an idea of a few riders to protset down the bay about parking well they called it off this sunday because it might rain how weak are the mrasa very week if you ask me .
    we rang a senior member of the mrasa to protest aboutn calling it off and he hung up on us ??????????? .
    what gives mrasa you took the idea and organised it why call it off for rain??????
    after this ill never become a member of the mrasa as they are poorly organised and ill do what i can to discourage others to join .


  2. Is Damien on Holidays in South Australia?
  3. Seriously rex11, I'm not a member of the mrasa, but you need to chill man.

    Point 1.

    In case you haven't noticed, Adelaide is suffering SEVERE weather warnings across the board.

    Point 2.

    Every second thread on netrider, is someone posting about, "Help I've fallen and binned my bike and I can't get up.

    Now I'm not trying to dis the people out there having accidents, it is a part of riding. But you don't go and ride through a thunderstorm, on roads that have seen 35+ degree heat for the last 3 weeks straight.

    The MRASA have quite wisely cancelled this to try and prevent anyone that would have been riding into the protest, for the sole reason of going to the protest, being wiped out by a cager, or a grease spot on the road, or fallen debris, or any other manner of bad weather type shit.

    It is the responsible thing to do, and I commend them for taking interest in the SAFETY of the South Australian motorcycle community first, and then the wants of the community over parking issues second.

    And if the weather clears up, don't be surprised to see this protest take place next weekend. The long weekend, when I think it will have the most effect anyway. I was at Glenelg last Australia day and it was packed. Hit em where it hurts.

    But heck man, go easy on the guys trying to do the right thing by us. Brotherhood and all that, you know?
  4. Come on now Rex !!!!!! This protest was not created just for you to ride to Glenelg.

    If you want to ride severe weather conditions it's up to you. Don't blame MRASA for making a sensible safety decision, I am sure there will be a better day to do the protest.

    How would it look on the news if there were an accident and lots of rain drenched riders trying to make a statement.

  5. A joke many would not get Vic, have you seen his movie it's a cracker. PM me if you don't have the link.
  6. I reckon your right Davo :(

    I too commend them for calling off the ride due to shit weather.
    Safety first, pissing people and Governments off second.
  7. Get a grip Rex, as the other posters have pointed out the weather forecast is for gale force winds and heavy rain, how effective do you really think the protest would be in this weather?? I think it would just confirm what the general public already think of us that we are all brain dead temporary Aussies.
    As for bagging the MRASA they are our VOICE and our only SUPPORT and if you're really not happy with the way they are representing the motorcycle riders of this state then my advice to you would be for you to join the MRASA and start putting in some of your time going to the meetings, get involved and voice your opinion, get on the commitee and actually try doing something to make a difference instead of slagging the people that are actually giving up their valuable time to try and support and improve conditions for all the motorcycling public.
  8. Buzzzzz next question. No more silly questions please. If you didn't notice on the MRASA website they are RE-SCHEDULING on a more suitable day when everyone isn't going to be sitting around for 8 hours wet to the bone then riding home drenched. Plus, on a day like the forecast predicts, how many people exactly do you think are going to go to the bay (cagers I mean) the whole point of the excercise is to inconvinience cagers so that they accept that we need parking too.

    If no-one is there, it inconvineces no-one, thus not having the desired effect. There are lots of sunny days to come that will leave plenty of time to organise a protest that is going to annoy some 200 odd cagers on the day cause they can't find a park.

    **P.S. No insults on spelling it is 2am and the room is spinning... WeeeEEEEeeeEe

    **I do not condone excessive consumption of alcohol and any such activity that results in illness/injury or damage to private or government property from such choices is the sole responsibilty of that person who excessivly consumes alcoholic beverages

  9. Man you rawk!!!!

    I think I need a lie down :)
  10. mate I just looked outside & no way in hell would I ride in that shit.

    I COMMEND the MRA for cancelling today's protest

    no-one would bother going in this rain, so the protest would be ineffective, and those that DID go would be in higher risk than normal.
  11. Wow, dejavu, is this like, a speach that everyone in the MRA has to learn when they join up, to preach to all the 'non believers'? :LOL: :p
  12. Nah I just just made it up in my own little mind,
  13. i was ment to be down there, but fugged if i would stand around in my gear getting soaked all day...

    that and im hung over.

    so id like to think they cancelled it due to the fact i coudlnt come...
  14. Well that's obvious but how would it look in the papers "DelusionL Unavailable - Ride Cancelled"

    We know it was because you couldn't make it but it will be our little secret.
  15. thanks for your long term support davo!

    i was actually double booked today, and missed both things i was ment o attend..

    soemthing about drinking till the sun comes up... that ends most plans for the day ahead

    rex, chill out.. or go have a few beers and calm down.

    a ride/protest like this is designed to cause MAXIMUM chaos and inconvenience to those effected.

    bad weather cause inconveinence to us not them!
  16. If you speak the way you write then your most effective method of discouraging others from joining the MRASA would be to stand in Rundle Mall with a PA and try to convince people to become members.

    As for what little substance your message had, do you really think the protest would have been effective if it had gone ahead?

    I can just imagine the news coverage now:

    "Hundreds of motorcyclists stood around in the pouring rain for no good reason today. Motorists were not affected because they all stayed home and remained warm and dry. We don't have any pictures to show you because even our camera crews were smart enough to stay indoors today."
  17. still waiting

    wow mra has there shit together still no protest yet???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????
  18. Re: still waiting

    Maybe no-one cares. If that's the case and no-one's been asking the MRA about this, maybe it considers it a non-issue.

    Have you spoken to the org about this?
  19. Re: still waiting

    It was a big enough issue a month ago for them to arrange a protest? Did the problem disappear in the last month? Unlikely!