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Whats the penalty in vic for riding a powerful bike on l's?

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by Felony, Jan 15, 2006.

  1. What the title says...

  2. a slap on the arse from ya mum

    theres a zillion posts to be read on this subject
  3. however welcome to the forums
  4. A roadside sodomising by the cops? :LOL:. Yeah, welcome to the forums mate.
  5. The penalty is that if you hurt yourself your fcuked. No TAC. If you hurt anyone else or thier property then you are totally fcuked.

    If you hit me my insurance company will sue you and take all of your valuable possesions, and some of your income for a VERY long time.

    Its pretty foolish.
  6. Just found all the posts on it, thanks guys, most of you would think its silly but i have good reason....
    I am 5 foot 11, i weigh 130 kilos and a 250 just doesnt do it for me, I just got a 99 CBR 400 which isnt a monster, i do want to have a lil fun and its not a lightning death machine..... i also dont plan on riding every day all day just every second weekend or so with some mates and i know it only takes a split second for anything to happen but thats only if your being a dickhead.....
  7. lol

    "Cmon man come with me, its fool proof, we wont get caught, i promise"

    We have have heard them all before.... :)
  8. lol i never said i wouldnt get caught.... but if the fine is only 105 bucks with no points loss etc how often am i going to get pulled over, my bike also has no stickers to advertise what sort it is cause it has custom paint, so im only going to get done if i get pulled over for speeding and they check my rego....
  9. lol

    You wont get pulled over or caught most likely. Thats not where the risk is. Sorry i am just an advocate of doing the right thing where it could adversely affect other road users severely.
  10. My learners was all spent on a ZX-7R, riding everyday. Have never
    ridden or owned a 250cc before. Even pulled over by police & showed
    em my learners permit.. no probs :LOL:
  11. Good stuff :p
  12. At the end of the day its up to u mate

    catcha :wink:
  13. not approving of this dudes actions or anything ....but whats the difference if he is bein a dickhead on a 250 and a 400 if he takes someone out ??
  14. do you have a stutter ? :LOL:
  15. Insurance when he prangs into a Bugatti
  16. Zilch !! .... comes outta his hide for 20 years at 10 bucks a week
  17. the difference is, on a 250, he will be covered by TAC and insurance (to a certain point). with a 400, he will be paying out of his arse for a long time.

    also, on a 250, his "d$&kh%^d"ness will be restricted by the lack of power :p
  18. Thats what U think.. :LOL: