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What's the Murray River Road (Vic) like?

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' at netrider.net.au started by Tiga, Jun 4, 2006.

  1. I've been looking at the Murray River Road (Albury to Corryong) as a potential route to include in a multi-day trip :grin: Can anyone give me any pointers on what it's like.

    How does it compare for example to the Great Alpine Road? Also, what is it like mid winter? Being along the Murray I figure it might be ok, but does it get icey?
  2. That is a brilliant piece of road ApriliaGirl. A nice mix of open sweepers (read fast) mixed with some tighter stuff as you sneak around the end of ridges as they taper into the river. I would suggest you take in the Granya gap as you go past. Real neat bit of tight twistie stuff.
    No idea about ice but. Probably best not to do it first thing in the morning for peace of mind.
  3. I second that. It's one of my favourite roads. It probably ranks with the Great Alpine Rd from Bruthen to Omeo.

    I'll be doing it on Friday.

    The road from Bethanga to Granya is a nice stretch, but (coming from the south) I usually approach it via Tangambalanga, Tallangatta and the Granya Gap.

    The Murray river road used to be the Murray Valley Highway, until they upgraded the road that goes more directly to Corryong. So the river road is generally in pretty good condition, reasonably wide, good sight lines (although you need to exercise caution going through the gap at Granya) and carries little traffic.

    Don't depend on this, but the only police I've seen down there have been in 4WDs and they've given a cheery wave.
  4. I like this road too. :cool:
    There is a great motorcycle friendly pub at Tintaldra.
  5. too right
  6. Guess where I'm planning on staying Friday night.
    Alf and Maia have put it on the market, though, so it remains to be seen how bike friendly it remains. While any new owner who discouraged bike and vintage cars would'nt last long, it's the people running it that make it what it is.
  7. Wow. That's news!

    I guess that they've had enough? When we were there earlier this year, Alf had just gotten home from hospital after major surgery. While he wanted to mingle with the guests, Maija (note the spelling) keep berating him and telling him to go back to bed.

    Also, the caravan park is under new ownership. The previous owners were pretty hopeless, we thought. The new owners, a young couple seemed keen to make a go of it.

    As for whoever buys the pub, you're right. Alf reckoned that if it wasn't for motorcyclists etc. then it would not be a viable operation. We can only hope that whoever buys it is as bike friendly as the Wilsons.

    See if you can find out more about this when you're up there.
  8. Hmmmm, maybe I can dream of a seachange and take up running the pub.

    I'll keep dreamin.... Moike, I guess that makes it Tintaldra for Friday then.

  9. Hah!. I've never seen it written down, so I was guessing.

    My favourite memory was when Goaty, Gary Woodman and I stayed there on the way back from Brisbane. We rang ahead and they kept the kitchen open for us. "There's only steak! OK?".

    As soon as we finished eating, Maija announced that she had just got back from a week away, and we were welcome to buy some beers and sit on the verandah, but they were shutting up shop and going to bed. They didn't look tired.

    I was there a few weeks ago. It just happened to be Maija's birthday, so the only meal available was to join the party, and we all sat around a huge bonfire in the back paddock afterwards.

    Alf was saying that the turnover was such that it was hard to justify keeping it open.
  10. Looks like we'll have to organise a ride when we find out when the pub's sold. Sort of a last hurrah, I s'pose. See if you can get them to keep us advised.

    Also, find out how long they've been in there, too. The pub has a long history of motorcycle involvement, going by the age of some of the photos in the dining room.

    If it wasn't for work and this weekend's activities, I'd be so tempted to ride up with you guys for the night...
  11. I done that road twoup with Lil. i had a sore arse after it. we done about 700k that day. long day on the bike but that road i always said I wanted to go do it again on my own bike.
    great open sweepers and very little traffic. The pub was good to stop in at and we had a few laughs there.

    More like a house with a bar then a pub.
    Very cosy place.

    Go do it but......take me.....
  12. I'll have to check the writing on my commemorative stubby holder, but I think it was 2004 that we went up for the 15th anniversary bash.

    Alf has a long history with motorcycles. Have you seen the shed?

    His 'modern' bike was a Vincent, until his back made riding a problem.
  13. Yes. Very impressive.

    I think that it's been a motorcycling mecca a long time before Alf and Maija took over the pub.

    I hope that the new owners do the place justice.
  14. Cool, thanks folks sounds like a road well worth riding :)

    btw, can anyone recommend anywhere to stay that's relatively cheap around the Albury, Bonegilla, Bellbridge, Bandiana area?