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Whats the most stupid thing you have done recently?

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Removed_User4, Feb 9, 2007.

  1. Just interested in what silly things we all do and for a laugh, I thought I'd start a thread to see what stupid things people have done recently. So post whats the most recent stupid thing that you've done. Not someone else's.

    I'll lead the way.

    Last night I went to sleep with my mobile phone with me. While in bed reaching over in the dark, placing it on my bedside table, not knowingly I accidently placed it in a very shallow filled glass of water with the phone switched on. Hereing the glass clink I thought the phone just touched the outside of the glass. Awaking this morning I found my phone inside the glass and having to pull it apart blow drying the insides dry to use the phone. :facepalm:

    Its now working fine. :p

    Whos next? Miss DJ do you want to add yours? :LOL:
  2. mine was last week.

    Stupidly rode too fast on my Mountain Bike.
    Misjudged a turn and face planted into the ground.
    Arrived at work with a Mahatma Ghandi like (or Gorbachev birthmark) red spot on my forehead. :LOL:

    Last Sunday - dropped my beloved digital camera while riding at 100km/h ! :(

    Also last Sunday (night) - sent a nasty email, which I should have thought through first before sending. :?
  3. Rode 3 hours to look at a dodgey heap of a car! Wasn't all bad though, got to have a nice long chat to Hornet 600 (thanks for lunch mate!)and hearly run over his water meter (that's another silly thing!).

    Regards, Andrew.
  4. Stirred my GF about having a hissy-fit over a minor matter. It wasn't a hissy fit. She then showed me what one was though :tantrum:

    No big deal? You don't know her :LOL:
  5. ate too much chilli.

    tasted good but afterward.... :oops:
  6. Went sailing last week. launched the masthead spinkiker with the haliard caught under the 3/4 spinkikar haliard.
    Sail gets 3/4 of the way up the mast and stops.
    It balloons out nice and deep but can't get any shape into the sail, then the foot of the sail starts picking up water.

    With some hard work we got it back on board and down the hatch before it all went totaly to the crap.
  7. Im involved occassionally with the yatch races out of Sandringham Yatch Club. So I can relate to that.
  8. I held in a large fart in the x-ray room because the radiographer was a hottie.

    The balooning pockert of fart-to-be showed up on the sacral x-ray, and she pointed it out in her report.

    Nice one, smooth guy.
  9. Im just picturing you rocketting across the room like a let loose balloon. :LOL:

    Even though I've never met you.
  10. Okay, rush home from work Tuesday and put tea on telling the kids to keep an eye on it and dish it up in 15/20 minutes while I raced off to netball.

    Just over an hour later I arrive home to find said tea still smoldering on the [still going] gas stove. For revenge I made them eat it :evil: :LOL:

    My stupid thing was I couldn't scrub the pots clean so decided to use oven cleaner. Was well ventilated but I didn't wear gloves to scrub it.....hence I ended up absorbing it through my skin and ended up very, very ill for the night and next day. Thought I was going to die, and would have welcomed it then to put me out of my [self-induced] misery. :cry:

    I am sure there is a blonde inside me just waiting to come out :LOL:

    BTW: :rofl: at Loz
  11. :rofl: @ Loz packing heat in the Xray room.

    Stupidest recent thing I did was Tuesday night.
    We arrived at a friend's house, hopped off the bikes and walked up the stairs as we were taking our gear off.
    To get my helmet off, I took my glasses off out through the open visor, but as I moved them out and away from my head I lost my grip on the arm and basically threw them off the stairs into the front garden somewhere :shock: We didn't even hear them land :(

    Now I'm pretty blind, so without those glasses - I'm screwed [and unable to ride home]. Donkey searched for about 15 minutes with a torch, getting eaten alive by mosquitoes, until he found them and totally earnt himself a 6-pack of beer :LOL:
    I was sooo stoked he found them - this was at like 8pm = dark.

    So yeah - be careful and stuff!
  12. Sat 1-day-old helmet on seat of bike, bumped bike helmet scratched.....sucks balls :evil:
  13. Well i did update everyone on the thurs ride thread but here goes...

    Last night whilst out with Smarteee, Ughboots and Chickenwingz, i some how in mid conversation tripped up a gutter! :shock:

    In my "It all happened in SLOW-MO" moment, i thought i saved myself, but no.... i pretty much face planted the gravel!!!
    I have gravel rash on the palms of my hands, sore knees, pulled muscles in my arms and had a bad headache as my head hit the ground!

    To top it all off, Smarteee missed it all! :LOL: :LOL: muahahaha
    Ughboots and Chickenwings saw the whole thing (and so did 50 other people on Lygon St)
    TOday im quite saw but ive been laughing to myself all day thinking that i could down 15 Vodka Redbulls and wallk/talk normally, but get me when im sober, be prepared!!!! :LOL: :p
  14. Aw so it wasn't just the selection of motorcycle Jamie? :grin:
  15. You should've been wearing protective clothing!!! Bloody squids. :LOL: :wink:
  16. Jaimie, I saw the last 1/2 a step of you trying to stay verticle before the clunck and roll of the helmet. You need to wear that thing when your walking. :LOL:
  17. promised my wife that I would take a year off work to travel round Oz in a caravan .... (without the bike) :roll:
  18. Told the girlfriend that housework is good physical exercise so she should do more of it.
  19. i used ot give my wife sh1t because our personal trainer required us ot maintian a food/activity diary for 6 months and my wife used ot put housework down as an activity.

    C'mon vacuuming is not a physical activity... :LOL: :LOL:
  20. Is too! [-( :grin: