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Whats the most disturbing film you've ever watched?

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by ward_4e, Apr 19, 2006.

  1. I want to scare my girl so? what can anyone recomend? I heard that wolf creek is prety good? Iknow torque was sh!te caught 2 mins on austar and promply threw up... that stuff is raw as botulism.

  2. Baywatch movie???
  3. I have seen lots of horror flicks but to be honest, Wolf Creek was really disturbing. That upset me. too real I think.
  4. "Irreversible"
  5. maybe not disturbing but very wierd is "Naked Lunch". You may have some difficulties getting a hold of it though
  6. "baywatch"?????? lol you didn't!!! man you must love the hoff
  7. Yeah go rent Wolf Creek, scary although pretty sick. :shock:
  8. This is pretty messed up. Peter Jacksons first movie. Its not the most messed up movie i've seen, that is not fit for normal human consumption.

    You could try Dusk till Dawn. Thats not bad.
  9. should i mention how much better he is than Chuck Norris?
    nah, we dont need another Hoff vs Chuck thread. :LOL:
  10. I reckon that Joanna Lees chick is either not telling something or is just talking shit... No doubt, that the guy is dead & no doubt that fella did it, but there is something definitely not right about her!!
  11. I haven't seen it myself, but I hear Hostel is pretty disturbing...
  12. I've watched a LOT of horrors and still the creepiest english language ones were the ring and the grudge, i still can't watch them by myself :(
  13. you want to watch a disturbing Peter Jackson film?
    Watch Meet the Feebles!
    Very funny but he must have been on some wierd drugs!
  14. "Saw" is another good one.
  15. +1 :shock: :?

    Closely followed by "Cannibal Holocaust"
  16. Dude, not the 'scariest' movie, but if you want to fu#k with her brain and trip her out completely, go find a movie called 'Jacobs Ladder' starring Tim Robbins. Bizarre, disturbed and waaaaay out there.


  17. Your male and you admit that? Kraven.. you worry me! :p
  18. There's also a new one coming out called "The hills have eyes" which looks really scary, i'm seeing that next week :)
  19. for some reason it didnt scare me at all
  20. I watched japanese /asian dubbed fillms through uni loved them but for all that is holy give the japanese juon 2 (grudge 2) a skip... is was so so omg bored. So far it looks like Wolf creek is ahead... what else I'm thinking of a trifecta!

    01: wolf creek
    02: ????
    03: ????