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what's the minimum protection gear u guys wear?

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by livingstonest, Jun 30, 2005.

  1. i'm going for my learners soon so i wanna get all my gear before i get my bike........i don't wanna get too much cause it might be impractical but if its still all good i would like to get max protection

    i got my leather jacket with shoulder pads already, gonna get a helmet of course, riding boots and some kinda bike pants like draggins or that cordura stuff and gloves of course..........

    just wondering how many out there wear elbow protectors, knee protectors, back protectors? cause i'd get em but if too much is overkill then i might give it a pass. keep in mind this is for general street riding not racing...

    and lastly what do u guys use in terms of night reflection?
  2. You're pretty much covered there.
    Bike jackets usually have reflective scotchbrite on them
  3. What I wear...

    Textile Jacket with Body Armour (Dainese)
    Textile Pants with Body Armour (Dainese)
    Boots (Alpine Star)
    Helmet (Shoei)
    Gloves (Alpine Star/Rjays)
    Draggins for a quick spurt

    After coming off I can't stress how much GOOD gear is worth!

    Don't skimp on the cheap gear. Make sure you are getting quality not rip off cheaper stuff.

  4. No need to buy the extra knee and elbow pads . All that will be built in to your jacket and pants (hopefully) . I ride with full leathers , be it winter or summer , no exception with me . As for night reflection i have my lights but you can get a reflective vest .
  5. The only thing I can see that I would highly reccommend to wear is a good pair of gloves
  6. i wear a half decent helmet ($350 kbc vr-1) very nice textile jacket with shoulder, elbow and back armor and removable winter lining ($400) ok leather gloves though they were bloody freezing going to work at 6:30am this morning ($50) and when i'm not being lazy gore-tex hiking boots that give alot of ankle protection.

    so all up $800, which is probably on the cheap side of things

    my lower body is pretty poorly protected, normal jeans and sometimes plain runners, but at least i've never ridden without my jacket/gloves no matter if i'm going 400 metres, or it's 30+ degrees.

    for night reflection my jacket has some 3m reflective material in it (though not much) a bright coloured helmet, and the attitude that even if i were lit up like a xmas tree they still wouldn't bother looking for me :? :)
  7. Get a trendy T-shirt and shorts for them warm summer days.. which are too far away :cry:
  8. Min gear I use is;
    Leather jacket with integrated elbow, shoulder, back armour.
    Leather dacks from Mars.
    Winter (motordry) or summer (Nitro) gloves.
    Sidi boots.

    If I'm going less than 5 ks then a pair of normal jeans.
  9. Oh this title lends itself to soooooo many answers but I've just discovered all of my warnings have evaporated & I'm not gunna rush to get them back so please don't post these kinds of titles cause it's just soooooo tempting!
  10. I'll usually wear a condom if she is not on the pill................. :LOL:

    Serious now.......You can get hundreds of different answers here. Somebody wears the best protection available and still ends up fatally, on the other hand someone rides in jeans and T shirt all their life and comes out without a scratch. Protect your self as much as you can, riding gear can not harm you, only help!!! My personal choice is leather, altough i still ride in T shirt only on short distances if it's a boiling summer day, yeah yeah I know, it's wrong, I'm getting one of those mesh with pads thingies for next summer.
  11. Back protectors are less than $150. The best $150 dollars you'll ever spend on any motorcycling gear, period! Food for thought.
  12. the best people to ask are Mouth, Matt232 and Martyh.
  13. On my Summer Rides, the least I would wear is my Electric Blue Mesh Singlet that I bought of Ebay that belonged to Piere Piere from Pseudo Echo. Electric Blue goes grouse with my Midnight Blue motorcycle.

    On Winter Rides I wear the same as above except for my White Bolero Canvas Jacket that was given to me by the black guy in The Thompson Twins who wasn't a twin.

    Nobody should sacrifice fashion for safety. That is why I am street smart, and always down with the kids.

    Cheers All

  14. The minimum i'll wear is:
    Dainese textile jacket with elbow and shoulder armour with back protector insert.
    Draggin jeans cargos
    Alpinestar Supertech boots
    and the standard gloves and helmet

    What i wear 95% of the time:
    Tiger Angel 1 piece leather suit,boots,gloves and helmet :LOL: :LOL:
  15. The minimum I wear is:

    Short Rides:
    Dri-Rider Jacket with upgraded armour $400
    Draggin Jeans with knee Pads $220
    Alpine Star Boots $395
    Shoei Helmet (don't get anything less) $800
    AlpineStar Gloves $140

    Long Rides:
    AlpineStar 2 piece full leathers $1,795

    Yes a few dollars, but how much is your safety worth?

    As already advised don't get cheap stuff, better to be prepared for the worse than to wait until it happens.

    Also I have tried AlpineStar Gortex gloves for winter and find them way to bulky, so I would suggest getting heated handgrips and stick with the thinner gloves and keep control.
  16. amen to that


    looking like a goose in all that gear... priceless... for everything else... hahaha i couldnt help it :LOL:

    i have always been fond of the lowered blinged up r1 with plain white wife beater, torn jeans, thongs and the token girl on the back in cfm's, miniskirt and tube top :LOL:
  17. for sure gloves are a key if you don't want to get frostbite. Other than that the minimum I will wear is a Jacket and helmet. I'm saving up for a decent set of leathers though. Just hoping not to push the limits until then.
  18. Short Rides:
    Dri-Rider Jacket with upgraded armour $400
    Draggin Jeans with knee Pads $220
    Alpine Star Boots $395
    Shoei Helmet (don't get anything less) $800
    AlpineStar Gloves $140

    Long Rides:
    AlpineStar 2 piece full leathers $1,795

    Getting your pants stuck on the pegs at lights and braking an ankle, priceless.

    damn you raffiki
  19. If I'm feeling really lazy and I'm just going down the road (as it were):

    ankle booties (very sexy)
    dri-rider mesh
  20. Personally, I'm into thick leather, neck to toe and wear a back protector/kidney belt combo. I always wear this gear no matter how hot/cold or the trip duration (my choice). I also wear a dayglo orange reflective vest to give some additional visibility in dodgy light and night (to offset the total black leathers). Not sure if the vest is effective but doesn't hurt me to wear it. Very good boots and gloves with knuckle protection I considered were critical as hands and feet injuries are tough to live with and tough to heal.

    Protection also extends to protection from the elements (wind, rain, sun, hot bike bits, road debris, bird shit etc.).

    The tricky thing with bike gear is balancing physical protection, elemental protection and style with a minimum number of items due to the cost.