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What's the latest 'news' on the Monash?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by I Adore Vic, Feb 10, 2008.

  1. Hey all. Am back to Uni tomorrow which means back to commuting on the Monash. Just wondering - is there an increased police presence along there atm? Thought I read something about it on here a little while ago.

  2. There is a regular green beemer unmarked cop bike that regularly trolls the monash in peak hour.

    He targets lane splitting.

    You actually best avoiding it and splitting on normal roads without hassle.
  3. Last friday one guy on a bike was being booked by a motorcycle cop for using the emergency lane near burnley.
    Was a marked bike but be careful of the big bmw's that are unmarked.
    Plenty of people lanesplitting tho so no worries there.
  4. Ta guys. I don't use the emergency lanes so nothing to worry about there. Will keep eyes open..as per usual. ;) :)
  5. I also watched a cop (using whatever method he wanted to, ie riding on left shoulder) hunt down a guy who was lane splitting, he was fairly safe (compared to others i'd seen) but he was going through when traffic wasnt' stationary...
  6. One of my office colleges was booked late last week for lane splitting on the Monash by a marked bike cop.
  7. Be careful where it narrows up for the roadworks.

    There seems to be weekly traffic reports of riders down through there at the moment :cry:
  8. The legal-ish way to split is to keep indicating and changing lanes rather than ride straight up the line... I do it sometimes when I feel I'm being watched!
  9. The Monash Roadworks are shit!

    The worst bit is where they have gouged out the old white lines and left rough bits that grab at the tyres if you are near the edges of them.

    I recommend staying away from them. (Thank you captain obvious!)

  10. Is that just in Victoria or all states? (or does it just depend on the cop and the mood he/she is in?)
  11. I followed a guy in this morning - think it was a blue VTR250 (couldn't tell cos he was in front of me) - and he was doing exactly this. I think I'll start doing it, just cos you never know...not really any good though when traffic's bumper to bumper and at an almost standstill. Then you've got no choice but to go straight up the middle.

    One thing I did notice this morning is that the Monash was nowhere near as busy as what I remember it being. Was talking to a fellow student today who travels along it in a car and she was saying it's been like that for the last few weeks. Anyone else noticed this? Usually I'd get onto the Monash around Dandenong and it'd be chockas...today was easy till about the roadworks.
  12. Building Industry RDO so most construction workers were not heading to work this morning hence it's quieter than normal.
  13. I always find it a breeze when I go on the bike, but you can bet when I take the car I will be caught in traffic, especially at the merge of sth gippy & monash. It gives me the sh**s.
  14. Oh..ta pvda. Knew it was too good to be true. Today it was back to normal - bumper to bumper...good ol' Monash.
  15. I think the monash is getting worse. I enter the fwy at high street and it usually a good run to at least burke, now its bumper to bumper as soon as i merge.

    Can someone please tell me what they are doing before the burnley exit (going in) it cant be widening cause there is a bridge on either side of the road works and i cant see them making that any wider.
  16. Whatever they do closer to the city effects as far back as Fountain Gate. I leave for work about 8.45am for a short trip from Berwick to Noble Park, and it is absolutely chokkers. Most of the time I get caught at Hallam Belgrave Road, but if it is really bad it will go right back to Fountain Gate turn off. I am sick of it, but it doesnt matter which direction you travel in, you encounter roadworks. :evil:
  17. Anyone noticed a tire between lanes on the Monash Fwy around Warrigal Rd today (Thursday)?

    My daily route is from Blackburn rd. to Batman av. (back via domain tunnel) and the traffic is very very busy these days. One day I tried to follow the cars but the engine temperature went very high, so decided to go with lane splitting.

    Hopefully everything will be changed once the another lane is added and Frankston Fwy opened too.

    Anyone knows ETA on work completion on both freeways ?
  18. You dont understand how traffic works. Thats OK most pollies don't either.

    Once another lane is added... the freeway will flow better, word will get around that it flows better, more people will commute by cars... 6 months and it will be back at capacity.. and people will be crying out for another lane.
  19. Yes the monash is dreadful, and seeing signs light up 'JAN-JULY Road Works' is so depressing. I'm lucky enough to commute it in off-peak times, but 8/10 trips I see an unmarked car, many times do almost the length of my commute [from S.E to W]. Not too hard to spot though, most ride a tad lower, have two distinct antennas, small L.E.D units on the parcel shelf, and currently almost always have Uxx-xxx plates. All those grab your attention from quite a distance. They seem pretty reasonable though 'speeding' through the 'roadworks' like everyone else.

    I haven't had any need for lane splitting in my riding so far, but saw a bike split past me and other cars at a decent amount of chips, and thought 'that might save some time'. The marked highway patrol car 15 seconds later splitting/weaving the traffic even faster was much more impressive :LOL:

    damn this 20 posts-to-pm
  20. I might be crazy but the day I view the trip on teh Monash as being dreadful is the day I stop riding along it. Tis better to approach it with a slight fear (lol) and a bit of excitement plus some good old 'thank God I'm on a bike and not sitting in a car like these barsteds. :wink: