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What's the largest amount of $$$ you've spent in one go

Discussion in 'Jokes and Humour' started by pvda, Aug 17, 2005.

  1. I've put this in the "Jokes" section cos it's totally OT WRT Motorcycling but...

    A question, what's the largest amount of money you've ever spent in on transaction one something for yourself or in your line of work?

    I had to order some material for a single project from overseas for the company I work for and when I tallied up the total cost nearly fell of my chair so thought I'd ask the question.

    As for me;

    Personal: $36,000 for the car I currently drive

    Work: $1,491,563.89 (and that's only a small part of the project)

    What about the rest of you out there?

    Oh, round figures are acceptable if you don't want to delve too deeply into your personal finances publicly
  2. 60 mil (US) on a project in India. I could have retired on the intrest for the two years is sat on hold before approval.
  3. What about single largest "cash" (As in paid all in one hit, up front) transaction?
  4. My house...oh how I love debt!

    My bike! 11k on the nose (I sold my grandmother) 8)

    Damn, I wish I had that kind of money now, then I could buy a new one :LOL:

    And finally because I don't buy things for my company $0
  5. Mine is my bike too but that was only $6k
  6. Largest in cash will probably be the bike.
  7. This bike plus gear, around $7,000, plus another $700 or more on bits since. Cheap considering, I think!
  8. My house.

    After that, $33K for my car.
  9. I would say house but i didnt pay the whole thing in cash , gotta love a morgage . So i guess my biggest cash transaction was the bike .
  10. Like others, the house
    Boat $110,000 CASH 'oouch'
    Caprice $70,000
    4 bikes $46,000 - CBR $17k + VTR $9k + 2 CRF $20k

    Why did I analysis these big boys toys..... ooohhh
    But I am having fun....
  11. My largest cash outlay was the bike and the bits on it since hehehehehehe
  12. Mine would have to be the Wedding, I'm still paying for it :p

    (god I hope she isn't on the net tonight, just joking Honey Buns if you read this)

    I get to buy lots of gadgets for work, Just bought a thermal imager. Thats a fun bit of kit but it was only 20 odd K
  13. Well, I was going to saythe house (about $25k deposit) but the question seems to imply a finalised purchase, so I'd say the 2nd last car I bought. A Renault Laguna V6, cost around $16k if I recall.
  14. Which bank did you rob??? i'd be interested in doing the same!!