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What's the go with test riding?

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by Myestro, Jun 5, 2006.

  1. I am going to be looking for my first bike in the not too distant future and was wondering what the go is with test riding a bike? would sellers allow you to ride it being a fresh learner? How does it work?

  2. as long as u got ur licence i think it is ok. when i test rode my bike, the salesman just followed me round on another bike so that i didnt do anything stupid.
  3. If you're buying from the dealer, it's fine.

    Private sellers, highly unlikely. Some do let you ride. Most don't.
  4. Ive never had a prob with private sellers.. just hand ur licence over to them.
  5. I've never understood how you expect to sell a bike if you don't let someone test ride it! I certainly wouldn't buy a bike without being able to ride it!

    (Ok, repairable write-off's are the exception to that rule :p )
  6. I didn't let the guy ride my zx6, it wasn't insured for anyone else, i explained that to him and he was fine.
  7. I've found most private sellers are cool with a quick test blat. It's the bike shops that shit me. A lot want you to buy brand new out of the book without riding it and then make a fuss if you want a test ride.
  8. Having had a mate have his bike stolen when he let someone test ride it, and not being insured as the license he had been given was fake, I'm a no test rides unless full purchase amount is in ya hands.

    And that's a fairly standard response.
  9. So looks like it's luck of the draw. Personally I would be a little hesitant to let anyone ride my bike (if I had one), aspecially if they are new. You could find yourself in a real mess trying to get them to pay for any damage they might cause. Then you end up with a damaged bike you can't sell and some bastard who wont pay, or you take him to court and he has to pay $5 a month that would be a bummer
  10. Yah, it is... it's also why I mostly buy bikes from dealers.

    I understand why people won't let others test ride a bike (really I do), but they have to realise that by doing so they _are_ reducing the potential number of buyers.
  11. Most dealers I've been to don't care, they just make you sign a piece of paper stating that you accept full responsibilty for the bike while you're on the test ride ie. all damages and fines are your responsibility.

    Private sellers.. well yeah, it's luck of the draw. They might let you ride it up and down the street at least.

    I personally wouldn't buy a bike I hadn't ridden at all...
  12. When I bought this bike, the guy asked for my car keys and told me if I drop if I buy it.

    Which was fair enough I though. If I were buying a bike and the seller was reluctant to let me ride it I would offer that to them.

    If they still refuse, walk away, they are hiding something.

    But really it's hard to jusdge a bike on a quick ride around the block. Generally they are so different to what you are currently riding, all you will notice is the difference and not any problems..

    Still, ride the bike if you can and be suspicious if you can't.
  13. I sold my 2fiddy to a guy who'd only just got his license, and there was no way I was letting him wobble his arse around the block on my docket.

    So instead I took him out pillion, showed him what it could do, and he was happy with that. Lucky for me, that shiny ol' thing had him at hello. Personally I'd never buy a bike I hadn't test ridden, I have very strong opinions and they often differ from the next guy's!
  14. Show the dealer you want to do business, by calling up the day before (weekdays are normally best) and asking questions about the bike/s you want to ride. Get his name and what time you'll be there.

    Never had a problem getting rides by doing this - except when it was raining, they reckon it was insurance but maybe they just didn't want to clean the bike :p
  15. A1 in Ringwood are okay with learners testing their bikes.
  16. i found that bike dealers thought i was wasting their time. found private sellers much easier to chat to. got my bike from private seller in the end after a quick 5min ride round nearby streets. he just asked me to leave the car keys and licence.
    when i come to sell though, i liked the idea of taking the potential buyer as pillion. gets them out and impressed, while keeping responsibility of bike with owner...
  17. I personally would be insulted if a seller said il only pillon you. You dont know the persons skills to begin with. As for asking people to bring the full amount in cash just to get a ride isnt practicle. You dont want to go around with 15k in cash from seller to seller.
  18. No problem with private sellers.

    Online in Albury get you to sign a waver & you agree to pay the first $200 I think it was for damage if you drop it.
  19. No way i would let a learner test ride my bike, If they crash it you're screwed and i don't like the idea of spending heaps of time going to court to try and make them pay.

    If they want a test ride i'd tell them to bring a fully licenced rider along and get them to do it or i'll take them on the back

    Having said that i test rode my first bike and i would never buy another without taking a spin on it first.
  20. Well that sounds like double standards!
    You wouldnt buy a bike if you hadn't test ridden it... but you wouldnt let a learner test ride your bike. I see a glitch in your system there.