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VIC What's the go with car parks?

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by MV, May 18, 2011.

  1. I work in a business park & each company pays money for carparks, the police have just turned up because an unathorised car is parked in someone elses spot...


    They didn't write a ticket, just a warning, but seriously?

    I know that car parks are treated as roads with respect to helmet & seatbelt laws, but what would they fine the car driver for?

  2. Driving without due care? Seems to be the fine you get when they can't think of anything else
  3. I thought car parks had to accessible to the public to be treated as public roads? Wouldn't it be a trespass issue rather than a road law issue?
  4. The police are required to attend it, as you or an agent of yours cannot touch or move the vehicle. IIRC.

    It was covered in the huuuge thread about apartment carparking et al about a year ago.
  5. They get done for indecent exposure ... for making a d!ck of themselves in public
  6. Just seemed like a waste of police resources, but I guess there's no-one else to do it...

    Must have worked, cos the cars not parked there today!
  7. what happened to the good old days of leaving a note saying:

    "you can't park here, d!ckhead. we've got your rego, so if you try to do so again, we're calling the towies" ????
  8. Well, that's the other thing, there was a note on it! Obviously they didn't think it was effective enough...

    BTW, if you're a company/individual, you can't get a car towed unless you're the owner or have the keys.
  9. Do you need an access card to get in? If so the cops can't charge with a traffic offense.

    If someone is paying for the park then it is effectively their property. Might be worth parting it out on e-bay.
  10. Nah, it's all open, body corporate organise the cars parks.

    I've sold lots of superfluos crap on ebay, but never a car park... :-k
  11. I did mean the car, but the car park could be fun too.
  12. Missed that one! Woosh.

    Apparently I can't spell superfluous before a coffee either...