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Whats the gel in gel seat pads called?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by oldmanriver, Jan 17, 2011.

  1. Sorry didnt knwo where to post this and thought technical might be a bit more for mechanical and electrical questions.

    Just wondering if anyone knows the name of the material used in gel seats and if its available at a shop like clark rubber or something. Im thinking of getting a seat reupholstered and would like to add some gel for comfrot if i do.
    thanks in advance.
  2. Most likely that they'll be using silicone, just like in breast implants.

    Clark Rubber only sell solid silicone sheeting (like what's used in silicone cookware) and even that needs to be ordered in. No idea where to buy silicone gel, it's not the sort of thing usually sold to the general public.
  3. Not sure what the gel is, but the pads are not something you can cut - as soon as air hits the gel it begins to solidify...
    Check out seller Knoplace on fleabuy though - he sells pads in different shapes...
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  4. I've only seen it overseas on Ebay and it is VERY expensive.
  5. Just blow up an empty goon bag and sit on it ;)
  6. Just buy some breast implants.
  7. make your own and fill it with toothpaste, at least if you crash you will smell minty fresh.
  8. You might be able to get gel pads to insert.
  9. look for mouse pads made from that silicon gel rubber stuff

    should be cheap enough to buy and cut to shape
  10. I think you'll find they changed over to using saline rather than silicone several years ago.

    Saline is harmless, compared to silicone, if the implant springs a leak.
  11. They still use silicone for implants.
  12. Actually no, they've since produced a modified silicon gel that is approved and used for surgical implants, including breasts. It's a "gummier" formulation, which supposedly doesn't leak if the bag is ruptured.
  13. Mmmmm Gummie-boobs...
  14. Don't waste your time with a Gel insert,I got one off a site in the USA and had it incorporated in my Pantah seat,if the bike is in full sun for any length of time the gel absorbs the heat and holds it for hours,extremely uncomfortable with potential burns being possible,I have a sheepskin over it to insulate it for the sun and it didn't make much difference to the comfort.Get an Air Hawk,much better .
  15. Get those "chicken fillet" soft bra inserts and stuff them down the back of your pants.
  16. :rofl: :rofl:
  17. why would you want breast implants ???
    you can get similar inplants in your buttocks nowadays.

    the gel you can't buy it here, even wholesale bulk buy from the states very expensive.
    i've had my seat done with it, never any discomfort even after a full days riding.
    much better than an airhawk imo for most riding, but as Zim said, gets way hot come summer, you really want to be sure you've parked in shade.
    airhawk is best for long long stretches of slab though.
  18. did some say Boobs ?

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  19. oldmanriver, if you really are serious about your riding, hang the expense, don't waste any more time and money with diferent seat pads, this is what you need, you know you want it >
    Buttocks Augmentation (Butt Implants)
    Male, Fair skin tone., before and after
  20. unless, you're like Goz and allready have a disproportianately giant arse and carry a toilet roll holder on the back of your bike