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What's the funniest Number Plate you've seen?

Discussion in 'Jokes and Humour' started by rc36, Jul 5, 2005.

  1. Riceboys seem to be the best at weird number plates (no surprise there) but what's the funniest one you've seen?

    Doesn't have to be bikes, can be cars too.

    The best one I've heard of wasn't one I saw and someone's going to kill me when he sees this, but my brother saw a black Jeep Cherokee in North Sydney years ago and the plate was


  2. LIL - Lil In Love

    Sorry LIL but yes I love ya number plate, it's unique. :D :D
  3. saw some marios in a VL Turbo with HVATOS

    I think it was meant to be Have a toss.
  4. IMCOOL , not so funny but when i saw the bloke in the car keep looking at him self in the rear vision mirror i was nearly sick. Being the good biker i am , i rode up to his window and called him a wanker.

  5. That is the funniest thing I've seen all day
  6. UB6IB9
    You Be 6, I Be 9.

    Maths lesson over.
  7. I saw possibly the fattest man ever to have shoe-horned himself into a car. His steering wheel must have been extremely difficult to turn, wedged as it was a good 7 inches into the murky recesses of his gut. And I nearly knelt down and prayed in awe when I saw the plates:

  8. Guy on a Kwaka ZXR, doing a mono down Nepean Highway.

  9. not so much funny as curious, when we were doing the protest ride across the bridge a couple of weeks ago, a car was trying to get through the pack of bikes with the numberplate 'GAY'.
  10. Mate that is a classic. i love it !!
  11. BUCARK

    I'm not sure if it was meant to mean what I took it as but got a giggle out of me.
  12. I've seen Minkya and MSTRB8.
  13. There's a Lamborghini Diablo running around with "666". The bloody thing's yellow though - it really needs to be black with that plate.

    And I remember seeing a girl driving a small sedan with the rego plate "BIGIRL".

    Me thinks: "She doesn't look that big".

    Me thinks again: "Oh..."
  14. I can think of some GUYS who would suit that plate.
  15. there are four that always come to my mind

    two identical CBR250RRs with two riders wearing identical leathers one had YOU the other WISH

    IHU 007 some old car... it was an ordinary plate..

    JESUSC Jesus christ??
  16. An oldie but a goodie

  17. My ex's mother had a plate which was has evl-662

  18. oh oh oh in double bay in sydney there was awesome red F355 Ferrari with the number plate "S8N" I swear if I waited by the car I reckon I woulda met the man.