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Whats the fuel economy like on your bike?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Myestro, Jun 6, 2006.

  1. What sorf of mileage do you get off your bike (in litres per hundred) and what sort of bike or size motor do you have?

  2. Between 5 and 6 litres per 100km - from a 250cc (could possibly get better if I wanted to but where would the fun be in that :grin:).
  3. 99 VFR800, any where from about 5ishL/100 to 10ishL/100 depends how hard i twist my right hand
  4. 350km+ to a tank ! :grin:

    Reason why I think i'll keep this one as a commuter and have a larger bike for weekends.
  5. Average of last 14 tankfuls is 4.3 but I've got 4.0, 4.2 and 4.0 for the last three tankfuls since I had a 36k service. I've got a shiny new chain now and am looking for yet another improvement.
  6. Awww, about 6.8lt/100kms I would say (250km to about 17litres) mostly city commuting. Yammy FZ1, 1000cc. Hard to say really, fuel light comes on about 220kms but then I've taken it to over 300kms, and I've never been able to get more than about 19litres in there.
  7. blackbird

    best 4.9, worst 15.1
  8. if you think about it, thats quite abit, considering some small cars drink from about 6lt/100km, and their at least 5 or 6 times the weight. But by the same token they dont pull 11's down the 1/4 mile. hehehe....
  9. On the Hwy, on a recent trip I got 4L/100km, but that was with a bit of gear on board but I was only riding pretty steady. No fairing etc dosen't help. Well I suppose the trottle creep does knock it about a bit too :p
  10. Bikes in general don't have great economy. What they do have is great economy for the level of performance they offer.
    I'd rather the fuel bills of a Hayabusa than a Ferrari Enzo

    My bike (660cc single), does roughly 5L/100km
    If you buy a 250cc bike with small car-like performance (CB250, Virago etc), you can get around 3L/100kms.
  11. On the same 1620km trip ridden fairly quickly
    Averages were:
    BMW R65LS - 6.04 l/100kms
    Kawasaki GTR1000 - 6.14 l/100kms
    Kawasaki KLR650 - 6.25 l/100kms
    Honda CB900 - 5.63 l/100kms

    The Spada would average around 5.1 l/100kms (ridden quickly in town)
    less on a highway run cruising at 110.

    My old K series generally about 6 l/100kms ridden quickly

    (on the BMW club ride to Adelaide, all the K series from the 100 through to the 1200 generally put in the same amount at each fuel stop (to within a litre of each other) - The K75 triples about 10% less.

  12. GSXR1000 k6 - I got 6L / 100 while blatting around Healsville, going hard for a whole tank. Pretty happy with that! Ever since I had a full dyno tune and ECU reprogram the fuel economy has been amazing.
  13. On the road, 5l/100km, at the track, 15l/100km.
  14. Who cares? Anyone that buys a bike based on its fuel economy has missed the point of riding all together.
    Buy for look, feel, sound or prestige if you want. But buy for fuel economy and you're a packet of prunes and a few grey hairs away from a nursing home.
  15. Gota admit,mans got a point! :)
    When I first got my Bandit 1200,I thought it had a problem coz it sugged more juice than any bigbore I have ever owned :shock: ,including 2 other 1200,s.
    On the freeway,when giving it to it,say 160kmh+,I can actually just watch the needle go down progressively on the fuel gauge.Dey sug bigtime baby!

    Cruisin bout 220-240 a tank max I think-to tell you the truth :inquisition: never really paid that much attention,whenever the needle says feed me,I feed me
  16. Highway, about 5L/100km. Town, about 6.5L/100km. (955cc)
  17. Yep. Agreed.. If you want fuel economy you need to be looking at the scooters..

    My SV1k get anywhere from 5.5 to 8litres per 100kms.. Unlike the old 250 which would give me pretty much the same fuel econ. regardles of rpms the Vtwin on the other hand drinks likes there's no tomorrow once you start working the trottle and having some fun..

    I know which bike i prefer.. Means I have more coffee and cake stops between the fun..
  18. Ummm maybe 9/10ths of a point. :wink:

    Not everyone lives within spitting distance of a servo. I need a bike with at least 300km in the tank. I've got one leg thats 180 odd km long and no servo. It would seriously suck big time to run out there. Might be a long wait. :grin: I would say that "legs" or range rather than fuel ecco is important. Why do they keep putting sub 20L tanks on bikes? Surely a couple of extra L's can't weigh that much?
  19. good point about not buying for fuel economy, but now with juice up at the $1.40 mark, you must admit it's pretty good incentive. Not a big fan of the scooter, rather have a small cc bike.
  20. I recently did an experiment with my CB250 to see how far I could travel for on a tank. I got 449kms on the clock before reserve, and when i filled up it said "13.52litres" on the bowser.

    This equates to approx 3litres per 100kms. Awesome bike, recommend to any first bike owner.

    HOWEVER I did not buy the Hornet 600 for fuel economy at all - i bought it cause it looks HAWT!!!!!