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What's the Etiquette

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by samsy8, Oct 9, 2011.

  1. Hi All
    i was wondering what is the etiquette when your crusing along and lets say a group of bikes starts riding with you, they say nothng to just things to each other now i assume they were just playing around with me as im a learner on a 250 ninja i tried to keep up as best as i could with my bikes power and the riding ablilty i have. they adverturly contined on in a different direction.

  2. Just ride your ride and let them pass you, don't try and keep up if they are clearly better/faster than you as you will come a cropper.
  3. let them pass if you want otherwise enjoy the company.

    Happened to me today, i went for a quick squirt and had no intention of setting the world on fire with speed. Couple of bikes started following me, so i waved them past as they clearly wanted to have a quicker run. No problems and even got a wave!
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  4. Ha.. remind me .... in 1976 I was riding my little CB175 from Ipswich to Brissy, I was stopped at the lights at Rocklea and surrounded by a mob of the great unwashed most in army great coats and just about all riding HD's .. I felt fure sure I was either going to be killed or at least mugged.. As the lights went green I stalled the bike, they all took off, except for two who stopped and asked if I needed a hand .... ever since then I stopped judging people on what or how they ride.
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  5. As others have said, ride your own ride, that's what I'd do. Sure I'd try keep up with em, but not put myself at risk.
  6. Happens to me a lot. I just signal them through and let them pass. Always get a wave or nod, everyones happy that way.
  7. Was actually bracing for another nodding thread tbh. :p
  8. It sounds like normal harmless behaviour.

    Ride your own ride. But write coherently when you write.
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  9. The only thing to make sure is to minimise the time you are in the middle of the group. It can be confusing to the group with foreign bikes to keep the group together. Feel free to sit behind tail end charlie.
  10. Depends... do these bikes that suddenly ride with you feature flashing blue lights ?
  11. I often ride in group of three or four and am usually the tale end charlie.

    If I find a bike cruising along with us they get the same treatment as if they are in our group - shown the potholes - signaled for overtaking - etc.
    If they want to hang around that is OK.
    If they want to overtake that is OK.
    Friends are always welcome.
  12. depends on what sort of bikes.
    sportsbikes, you nod. do a wheelie if you can, but it's not expected of you.
    wild hogs, don't bother nodding, but no giggling.
    cop bikes, slow down and watch out for kittens.
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  13. Nah, nod to people on Hogs. With all the shaking from the bike for that split second you have their attention they lightly relax their neck and it looks like they nod back.
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  14. I always try to let people pass on the twisties if they catch me. 9 out of 10 times if they have caught up to me, there average speed is faster then mine and they will shoot past. Pull to the left of the lane on a straight pass, foot out, off they go.

    I keep riding my ride, they ride there ride. If I catch someone, i normally just stay behind them, if they are a bit slower then me,I will zip past and create some space between me and them.
  15. cheers for the advice/feedback guys
  16. Like this?

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  17. I want that kitten!!!
  18. What smee said.