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What's the different between broadband, cable, adsl??

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by Untame_me, May 29, 2005.

  1. That's it.....dial-up no more!!!!!!!

    Guys, what's the difference between broadband, cable, adsl? What are they? What's out there? What's good for value and reliable?

    I'm currently with TPG dial-up for $16.95 unlimited per month.

    Any tips....appreciated.
  2. go ADSL, while telstra has done their best to stuff australia around because they invested all their $$$ in cable, it's the best option. my provider (iinet) is installing their own nation-wide lines anyway which will solve most of the problem.

    ..as soon as everyone jumps on the broadband band-wagon sites like this wont worry about people posting 30kb photos of their bikes as a direct link in a post, or having a 15kb avatar *ohh the bandwidth chewing!* :p
  3. ADSL is quick, cable is quicker (generally); however theres positives and negatives to both.

    Cable doesnt require a phone line, so that MIGHT be a positive if your living in a share house. ADSL does require a phone line... so factor that into the price. Given your on dialup atm, i'd say go the ADSL.

    Theres a few good bargains around at the moment... one of which is the one i signed up for with TPG when i moved houses (eek, now almost 6 months ago). It's their so called 1.5mb 'Unlimited' account; and it'll get you a nice fast connection (~160kb/s down) for the usual smidge short of $50 a month ($49.95). There's also a couple of other providers offering ~20gb/month 512 connections for ~$40/month.

    Definitely go use the Whirlpool provider search so you can filter all the plans for the ones that'll suit you. As Kelly has already linked it, i won't bother doing it again.
  4. Koma, Kelly, Insano.

    Thanks for saving the research time...

    I might be moving soon, is that going to impact on $$.

    Koma or anyone.....Is 200MB download limit enough, re the least TPG plan?
  5. Bloody Hell, do they still make dial up :shock: :LOL: :LOL: :p :p :p

    Cheers 8)

    P.S. If you want a better answer as to what to get you need to tell us more info. :roll: :wink:
  6. Not all houses in all locations can get ADSL, even if your exchange is ADSL enabled your transmission loss may be too high.

    The only real way to tell is to apply for ADSL and find out (the on line checkers only check to see if your phone number is connected to an ADSL enabled exchange).

    As for the providers of ADSL TPG (as mentioned) are pretty hard to beat as a cheap isp for home use if your budget is limited.

    If you have a bit more to spend then there are full service ISP's like Westnet (who keep winning awards for customer service which can't be a bad thing!) or internode (who offers good service and a very wide range of features) or a couple of others.

    Almost everyone on Whirlpool would suggest that there are better deals than Telstra offer though :)
  7. Well are you going to require more. What do you do on it mmmmm. More info required.
  8. Forget the bullshit providers out there. Go with INTERNODE.

    I've been with them for 12 months and ive had 1 outage that was a telstra hardware fault. 2 outages that have lasted no more than 30 mins.

    I had my internet connection stuffed by the telstra contractor that fitted off this house when it was built and I rang node to complain about the lack of speed. They rang me back in 2 hours and told me that a tech would be around the following day (ther were here as promised) and it was tested extensively until they found the problem and it was fixed.

    Then some footpath contractors broke my phone lines and they were poorly repaired. They were leaking to earth after a few weeks and my connection kept dropping out. Rang node, again they had a tech out here the following day and the broken wires repaired.

    That is what is important, sure you may save a few $ here and there but are those dollars worth the service that you receive.

    Node are rolling out there own DSLAMs at the moment and are offering ADSL2+ with insane speeds, real "broadband" speeds. 24000/1000 speeds for $59.95 a month with 15GB d/l limit, shaped after that.

    The roll out isn't fast but the parent Company Agile has a few exchanges active now, some are in teh build stage with plenty more to come.

    Don't just take my word for it, look for yourself :)

    Click Here

  9. Screw that, cable kicks the hell outta adsl. No tranny loss, no phone line needed, drop out are almost unheard of (well, for optus anyway. I know the telstra infrastructure is rooted and they aint gunna fix it). Until ADSL2 gets here cable is the best option. It fast, and well priced for the download limits. You can get it now, when you move you will need to pay about $90 i think to have it installed in your new place, or elde you have to pay a fee for breaking contract.
  10. umm, i'll judge their DSALM when it's operational in my area, since their service has been A1 to this point i'm not to concerned. if it sucks i can change isp at any time as there is no lock-in contract unlike telstra, and as far as i can see everyone offers at least one micro-download plan (telstra's 200mb a month, 15 cents per mb over the limit plan)

    did an iinet van cut you off today or something?
  11. whilpool is your mate, they list almost all (if not all) the providers out there, provide comparisons for prices and plans and also have forums where ppls biatch/praise their providers.

    moving will cost you $$$ whether you go cable or ADSL, either way its fixed to your house so you'll get a relocation fee :?

    as for what to get, depends on what you'll use it for :?: the very basic ADSL plans are just that - VERY basic. fine for semi regular browsing, but not much more. personally, i'd wait till the move if its fairly close, then get cable, its MUCH faster (~6mbs compared to 1.5 on the fastest ADSL plans) and cost less than the primo ADSL plans (especially if you dont need a phone line aswell). but if your not gunna be doing much on the net and you need a phone line anyways, then one of the cheaper ADSL plans would probably be the goods.
  12. Dazza, yep, I'm a dinasour...:p....usage, depends on mood, phase and whether there's ride on.... ..you know what I mean?

    Seriously, I surf the internet for netrider (currently most of all), fun, knowledge, education, pleasure, socialising, dating, games, shopping, trading, paying bills, music.....enough info? :p ....but I hate to get more than what I can use and I don't like contracts (commitment phobic).

    Ta Vic.
  13. been a while since i've looked at anything on whirlpool :? so how fast is it these days? i was gunna move back over to cable soon, but i might be able to be swayed :wink:
  14. I miss my Optus cable.
    I would still be with my beloved cable however.........
    Damn these women that want to build huge houses in new estates :evil:
  15. MartyH, and everybody else that does a bawahahahahahahha online....next time I see you guys, you gotta show me how you do it....never seen anyone of you do it in RL. :roll: :p