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Whats the difference between the NEW ninja 250 a ZZR250?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by Booki, May 14, 2009.

  1. Well guys as the title says,

    Whats the difference between the fany pancy ninja 250's that look sweet, and the ZZR250 sports/tourers. Besides the new fairings :p

    Is the engine the same?
    Hows the power difference? If any?

  2. I think the ninja 250r has a bit less power, slightly more weight (steel frame), very nice sleek modern look, fuel gauge instead of thermometer, and the lucky countries get fuel injection (not australia).

    But I've only ever been on a GPX, so I can't tell you how they feel.
  3. riding position on the ninja 250R is a little sportier aswell
  4. The frame geometry and riding position are definitely more sporty.
    Kawasaki claims more power from the new 250 as well (don’t know if it is true)
  5. It looks f%^&ing awesome

    as for power i have heard it has a little less but then again it's a 250 so get over it. Much more expensive, more fairings to scratch.

    all i can say is i love my baby ninja!!!
  6. My 2cents.

    I have a ZZR250 and my mate has the new 250r, we swap bikes occassionally when we go for rides and such. I've probably done about 1000ks on the 250r and 40,000ks on my zzr250.

    I don't really know how to describe it, but I feel the zzr250 is just slightly more powerful despite Kawasakis claims. The ZZR feels a bit more like "raw power" and the 250r a bit more refined.. gearbox is smoother.. just little refinements like that.

    I think both are good buys, since the 250r dropped into the market zzr250s have been going pretty cheap second hand for some good ones, so depending on your budget it may be worth looking down this avenue.. however, it is always nice to own a brand new bike. :)
  7. ninja has crappier suspension and engine compared to the zzr. zzr is a better bike imo. I think most kawa dealers agree. it wont stop them from trying to sell you a new ninja over a zzr though
  8. Well the way i see it, is the new ninja's are targetted at new riders, who know very little and want something that looks "sick" hence why CBR's were so popular...

    Back in reality, this is a different question but in handling how would the ZZR compare to a Ninja/CBR.

    I know the cbr and ninja are totally differen't but they seem to have a similar style. Agressive.

    Is it true that its really easy to scrape the pegs on a ZZR?

    Whats the big difference in times between a ZZR and CBR 0-100?

    Is it really worth the extra money?

    ZZr's are like what...$3,000 for something alright? I Paid $3400 for my CBR not RR though. So i don't know. CONFUSED!

  9. Not easy to scrape pegs (unless you counter lean like a noob on the twisties for the first time), but you will scrape the centrestand when pushing it. After I dropped mine, my kick stand scraped too.

    Zzr claimed 5.75 to 100, cbr claimed 5.2. They are claimed figures and alot comes down to the condition of the bike (20 year old thrashed import vs. few year old bike hmmm) and more importantly the ability of the rider.

    If you're getting a bike to go fast, you're wasting your time on a zzr250 or ninja 250 as a cbr or other 250cc i4 will be better if in good condition.

    I paid 5k for my 02 zzr with 18k kms, this was in 2006 though. Expect to get 03+ with low kms for $4500ish without too much difficulty.

    A decent cbr will be 4-6k, less if you get a good deal but most people don't.

    Don't misunderstand the new ninja 250, the apperance is the main new factor, its still lightyears away from being called a sportsbike. Looks hot though.

    Regarding handling, I found it was easier to go quickly on a cbr than my zzr in the twisties.
  10. The other tradeoff is the comfort factor-
    zzr has the benefits of a tourer model, so I had no problems doing 2hr trips on my old beast the get go (in fact I had to ride 2hrs back from the coast in mixed traffic when I got her). The ninja looks probably the best in comparison to all the other major 250cc's around, but getting on one can be pretty painful after a ten minute test ride depending on your dimensions

    And i definitely agree about the power thing, the new ninja has a claimed higher power, but i swear my old '93 zzr has more. at the very least i like the zzr's power band more.
  11. Difference IMO is shiny, new, expensive, breakable styling and a big price ticket for a first bike. It does have warranty and resale will be alright, but why spend 8k on a first bike?

    I'd be going the ZZR/GPX/CBR 250 route and getting technical on its ass, bringing out the tools and giving it a quick go-over to bring it back to former glory.

    Cheers - boingk

    EDIT: Just noticed you've got a CBR. Good stuff, keep it keeping on!
  12. Funny this was most peoples objection against the zzr when it first came out.
  13. Well then, wait a few years till the Feutus Ninja drops to a sensible price?
  14. I just put my GPX250 in for a service yesterday and when i was chatting to the mechanics afterwards they said the new ninja was absolute rubbish... Taiwanese built crap they called it... Supposedly they've seen bent forks frm it falling over on the stand.
  15. dont buy a 250R
    buy a ZX2R or a ZZR

    the 250R is a GPX with updated fairings basically

    financially speaking, it makes more sense to buy a used GPX or ZZR
    that being said, i bought mine because i wanted the 15 month wait to be more bearable
  16. And the ZZR is just a GPX with ally frame, curvyer fairings and a 17inch front wheel.

    Funnily enough, the GPX comes in significantly cheaper than comparable examples of either prettier bike. (Yes, I had one on my L's and P's - loved it.)
  17. i say get a ZZR because it's cheaper than a 250R, and the 'benefits' (if you can call it that) is probably not worth the extra coin
  18. Exactly my reasoning for the GPX over the ZZR!
  19. the zzr IMO is nicer than the GPX, it just have a few extra little things that makes up a nicer package. Adjustable leavers, slightly different rear suspension, fairings are better for those longer riders or riding in the wet or when you have to start work at 6:30 in the morning in winter and its freezing. but that is just me.

    Second hand (private sale) the prices differnce between the two is little to make no difference. If the price for a GPX and ZZR are the same, why not go for the zzr i say, but if they are asking a thousand dollar premium. I'd admit I'd go for the gpx.
    I put a deposit on a gpx, but in the end went with a zzr. definately don't reget the decision.
    But like all things it is personal preference.

    The premium for the 250r isn't worth it, unless you really have to have the looks factor. zzr is a great bike.
  20. if you can pick up a 2nd hand ninja 250r for $5500-5800, it may be worth it

    don't waste ya money buying new for $8000+, save it for ya 600 in a year/few years (depending on where you live)