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Whats The difference 01 or 02 ZX6r

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by Neo_nick, Nov 22, 2007.

  1. Hey Guys,
    im looking at new bikes and trying to find out the difference between an 01 or 02 kawsaki ZX6R.
    These seem to both be good value and to pput it in Loz's words that it suits the fuller figure man!

    I have done a search on here and google but couldnt find too much out apart from the 01 apparently has a higher seat height?

    Thanks for your time!

  2. Hi maverick!
    Yeah id checked those out and it appear to be the same - just really wanted to confirm that the only difference on these two is the Paint jobs
  3. the 02 was built after the 01
  4. Pretty sure this review should confirm your theory.


  5. 01 600
    02 636
  6. Thanks mav - Spot on!
    I should of said im looking at 00 and 01 sorry!
  7. Save some cash, sell your Xbox360 and get the '02. If it's the 636 It's well worth it!
  8. Yeah would love too - But i am about tp put a deposit down on a house so trying not to spend too much
    Im led to believe the 00 and 01 models are a very good all round bike - It smainly going to be used for weekend cruising as i have a FMCV it will not be used for work commuting.

    The 00 and 01 models can be had for about 6 now
  9. Well, if you putting down a deposit for a house the best advice I can give you is: "Don't buy a bike". It sounds cruel, but it's very honest. Interest rates will go up again in January (regardless of who won the election), I'll bet any money. And there's talk of another possible rise should the oil hit $120.00, and that's not so far fetched anymore. If you're buying a house, the best thing would be to put down the biggest amount of money you can upfront (deposit) and avoid the interest you'd be paying on that! Every dollar counts! :)

    Now, if you're anything like me, you're gonna go: "Oh... f#$% that! I'll only live once. Gimme the bike." In that case, these might help! :wink:



    I'd be going with the 00 or 01 if I were you. I've hard nothing but bad things about the suspension on the 98-99 models and this website only comes to confirm that.
    Good luck with whatever you choose mate (bike and/or house)! :)
  10. Cheers Mr Ed - And yes your right - im going to go f&$k that and buy one! LOL
    I would like to buy one before i put a deposit down on my house as i know i will struggle to save up cash when i am paying my house off!

    Its a tough choice between a 00 or 01 ZX6r and Tenoqs 02 ZX9!
  11. Go with Tenoq's! If ZX9R is anything like they say it is, you won't regret it!!
  12. Yeah - They do certainly get talked up!
    Its just wether i can justify the extra 2 G