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Whats the deal with Victorian Rego third party?

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' at netrider.net.au started by natta, Jun 15, 2006.

  1. Included in the regestration in victoria is compulsory third part, What does this insurance cover?

    Anybody got info

  2. It's not technically "third party". Rather, the TAC charge covers all road users, regardless of who is at fault. It covers for medical, funeral, lost income and rehab. A few of the lads here have had the misfortune to experience the TAC service. Most of it's been good from what I've read.

    More info at the Transport Accident Commission (TAC) website. www.tac.vic.gov.au.
  3. Thats mate for the info
  4. In NSW we have Greenslip, which is about $350 for a little 250. Not officially part of rego fee, but you have to have a policy to renew rego.

    It dosnt cover at fault driver/rider, the scam is the ZZR250 costs as much as the Commodore. try and work that one out :mad:
  5. CTP only covers injuries to yourself & other drivers/passengers. It doesn't include property or vehicles. To cover the other vehicle eg the Rolls Royce that you or your out of control vehicle hit you need extended third party. To cover your vehicle also, you need compehensive insurance. Having been hit by too many uninsured drivers it should be compulsory for all drivers to have extended third party!
  6. I have had surgery on my elbow today, covered by the TAC insurance that's included on your rego. 2 years ago I had a small off and broke a bone in my elbow. At the time I had surgery (screws inserted), rehab and physio costs all covered by the TAC.

    This time around some bone fragments had broken loose so I had keyhole surgery to remove them. Because it's related to the original injury it has yet again been covered by the TAC.

    I am not out of pocket at all.
  7. No, the scam is motorcyclists get to pay far less than car drivers after all a 60km/h crash on a bike will result in higher injuries for a rider than an equivelent crash for a car driver. Normally a higher risk results in a higher premium so I wouldn't complain to much or they might wise up :roll:

    Not sure I like the idea of the at fault person not being covered under the NSW scheme but then again the TAC here in Victoria is a government owned group while in NSW they privatised it and opened it up to several insurers so it would end up cheaper and you guys still pay more than we Victorians :p
  8. Yep. Somewhat ironic, hey? The proponents of privatisation are usually those who stand to benefit from it.

    TAC, a government instrumentality allows a fully covered, no fault scheme. And it's been shown that it can deliver superior services for lower costs to end users. And, it also delivers a dividend to the government, for the most part, that is.

    And to think that Kennett came *this* close to flogging it off to HIH. Imagine what sort of crap services that we would've been stuck with, had this occured, and the subsequent failure of that insurance entity.

    I'd hate to be a motorcyclist in NSW. You have an off, a single vehicle crash, or one where the car driver fails to stop, then you're stuffed. You have to rely on Medicare and whatever health insurance and income protection insurance that you may have. And for that privilige you pay heaps more to a private company, most likely an overseas owned corporation such as Allianz or CGU.

    Sorry if this sounds like commy, socialistic rantings, but I prefer to see what I call "essential services" remain in government/public control.
  9. While motorcyclists might make more claims, the thing is that they don't generally cause the injury of many other people in a crash. (Usually at most one other) whereas a car driver can cause injuries to many many more.

    In theory motorcyclists in NSW should pay a lot less than car drivers for their CTP as it's an "at fault" system. Strangely that doesn't seem to be the case :roll:

    Having been a client of the TAC I can say I was pretty happy with the system. I do have issues with the TAC (since all crashes cost them money, they look at preventing injuries as the ultimate and only transport priority). They'd go to 25kph speed limits on freeways if they could and ban anyone from driving for life who was caught 1kph over. :LOL:
    (and they'd ban motorcycles)

    TAC benefits don't apply to bicycles by the way - unless a motor vehicle is iinvolved.

  10. I reckon i could kill/maim a lot more third parties in a 2 tonne dunny door than a 200 Kg bike
  11. Off Topic slightly but I'd like to see TAC coverage extended to "granny Scooters", you know those 4 wheeled things they run around on, after all they drive on footpaths at a fair pace and who pays if granny or grandpa hits and injures you as a pedestrian??

    There was a small article in the paper the other day saying injuries to oldies on those "scooters" was up so I wonder how many people they have run over....
  12. Im talking about NSW. Here if you are at fault you get zero. So only pillions, pedestrians, and other people you hit are covered.
    Ok pillions are a high risk, but ZZR250 how many pillions get hurt on them?

    Pedestrians, ok we will call that even. Dont recall ever hearing about a pedestrian being run over by a bike though (except on some US cop chase show where the guy had done it intentionally)

    How many car occupants are hurt by bikes? especially 250's?
    Probably zero.

    If the premium covered the at fault rider then fine, its fair.
    But the scam is that it dosnt. They get away with charging whatever they want and all fix their premiums to be the same and you have no choice because its compulsory.

    NRMA have pretend at fault cover, but it only covers permanant loss of body parts (not surgery, broken bones, xrays etc) and dosnt apply to bikes.
  13. There is a thread here about it.
    Like 3 decrepid old people had driven them down stairs and broken their hip, it was all just a beatup about nothing.
  14. There was a pedestrian killed when (s)he was hit by a motorcycle in Qld a little while back. The rider still has to be at fault though and in many pedestrian crashes it's usually the pedestrian who steps out in front of the rider.
  15. huh? riders pay far less in Vic?
    I have just paid my car $546 for rego and insurance
    and yesterday the bill for the bike lobbed up..for $522
    (inc the dreaded TAC SAFETY levy) :evil:

    so I am not so sure about that

  16. Pedestrians can still get held to be at fault.
    There was a thing on ACA (or similar trash) about two years ago about the insurance company of the car sueing the family of an at fault pedestrian who was killed for the damage to the car.

    I think the insurance co might have just dropped it because of the bad publicity.