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What's the deal with Netrider discounts?

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' started by Chairman, Mar 5, 2008.

  1. I rang a Netrider partner this morning for a price on parts and labour. This is a straightforward item - fixed cost to supply and fit. The bloke gave me the price, and I asked about the advertised Netrider discount.

    He then told me that, if I'd mentioned the Netrider membership before he gave me the price, he could have given me the discount, but the figure he'd quoted was already as low as he could go.

    What's the business thinking behind this? Why offer a discount at all if the discounted price and the "lowest I can offer to the average punter" price is the same?

    Has anyone else come across this sort of "discount"?
  2. sounds like a dodgy bastard to me.
    had you stated the NR thing, it would have been (quote+10%)-10%NRdiscount=OMFG i feel so speshul.
    name and shame i reckon!
  3. I once asked a retailer who wasn't a partner if they gave netrider discounts, just on the off chance!

    Was told they're all cheapskates who want it for free or at ebay prices, and would rather support internet sites with no overheads & no employees than support the local businesses who actually provide a service to keep them in business! Go figure!
  4. I think these so-called NR 'partners' should be named.
    You either offer a discount below the 'man in the street' price, or you don't.
    A SCAM is a SCAM plain and simple.
  5. I understand your point Mark, I think the supplier may not have thought through the idea of being a partner fully before they committed.

    To me I see the NR discount as a shortcut bargaining tool. I'm pretty sure I could walk into most stores and get 10% off most parts & merch with 5 minutes of bargaining. The NR card (have only used it a dozen or so times) just short cuts that 5 mins. The exception being the discount at the bike show.

    I have had one or two times where a supplier said that the NR discount could not be applied to that product as it was already at rock bottom pricing.

    From a business point of view I understand whey they can't sell too cheap, but it does feel a little dishonest.
  6. Given that the partner is not named, what does their ad say on the partners page? 10% off rrp? 10% off all purchases? How is it worded?
  7. It says "Up to 10% on all blah blah blah"

    And I'm happy to concede that 0% is compatible with "up to 10%". I've also found an old thread that explains one partner's position on this - that the products are already so cheap that any further discount would mean the partner makes a loss, so they've reserved the right to offer a 0% discount, with a promise that that ancillary services (like fitting) will be discounted. Fair enough.

    I don't think that's my issue. My question is, why would knowing that I'm a Netrider member before the quote is offered change the size of the discount?
  8. Name them or PM me with the details. To be listed, you must offer a % discount to the card holder, what this place sounds like it is doing, as someone suggested, RRP+10% - 10% for NR discount = final price.

    That business does not deserve to be listed and should be removed
  9. I was in the market for an all seasons jacket a while ago. My first stop was Sharptune Kawasaki.
    I asked about Netrider discount out of interest and was told, "Never heard of them"

    I did manage to get a good discount on my Ixon Sismic from New World Honda.
  10. PM sent.
  11. Huh! I've been giving between 10 & 15 % discount to anyone that claims they have even read Netrider! :grin:
  12. Its a case or all staff not being aware of who they give automatic
    discounts to.

    I got the fella to get on the internet & view the Preferred Partners
    page & then got the applicable discount.
  13. Are we gonna get to find out who the dodgy netrider partner from the first post is?