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Whats the Deal? LAMS R6?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by wideone3, Feb 12, 2016.

  1. Ive seen these kind of bikes before on Gumtree and Bikesales. Lams approved gsx600r, cbr600rr, R6's Etc but haven't really delved into why.
    Ive read a number of other forums and yes i know this could probably be the 50th post based on this topic but i just want to get a clean understanding of the boundaries of this.

    2008 Yamaha R6 - LAMS Approved | Motorcycles | Gumtree Australia Canterbury Area - Roselands | 1103548340

    Theres a 08 R6 selling for $12k (way more than a un-lams r6, Demand and supply i guess).
    I sent him a message asking about whats the deal with Re-registering it under a different name and adding 12 months rego etc.

    I asked him the information that id gathered from other forums about how possibly when updating rego the 'Lams' Title will be wiped and you will be about $5k out of pocket.
    He assured me that he's added rego for the past 5 years and was told by the RTA clerk it would always stay within LAMS.
    OBVIOUSLY he's going to tell me what ever he thinks i want to hear to sell the bike and once its off his hands I've got no doubt he would cut any connections with the buyer.

    But i just would like to hear what actually happens and does the bike lose the Lams title when its registered.

    Plus whats the deal with insurance companies and payouts in an accident.

    Technically the bike isn't in the Lams list but i know there were a few exceptions and some snuck through but I'm not too sure into how deep it really goes.

    Any information would be really helpful in clearing it up

    Also I appologise moderators if this post is in the wrong forum and feel free to move it to where ever it should be.
  2. I thought it's pretty simple. Somehow a mistake was made. It will remain a "LAMS" bike until someone figurs out it shouldn't be. If you are asking how long that is, WTFK's?

    Insurance company will not make the same mistake. But give them a call with the vin number and see what they say. My guess is that they will not offer you cover, or they will, but you will probably pay a stupid amount.

    I'd stay clear of such a bike, but that's just me.
  3. Im not interested in the bike tbh as i know the insurance for me would be stupidly high regardless. I just saw one when i was looking on gumtree for other bike accessories and it got me wondering how it all happens. Plus the unwanted attention you would get from the Cops having a P plate on the back of an R6 would not be very enjoyable.
  4. Office clerk hits LAMS - "yes", instead of LAMS - "no" at rego time. Everyone else just follows suit at the renew. Maybe one day a clerk who knows bikes will see the error. And I'm pretty sure if you get pulled over by a highway cop, they will notice the mistake. I guess they then can issue you a defect notice?
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  5. I see these bikes all the time. Apparently back in the day bikes would be learner approved if they were restricted, but obviously they were unrestricted pretty quickly.

    The simple answer is that unless its on the LAMS list, its not learner approved (regardless of a previous rule or a clerical error). All it takes is for Vicroads to do a cleanse of their data and revoke the lams status of a bike and as said earlier, who knows when that will be.

    All you need is for a switched on cop to spot you on it and you're done. Plus the fact that it's uninsurable and lying about the bike details (or your own details) in order to get insured is insurance fraud and they reserve the right not to pay out, putting you in a real pickle.
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  6. Probably, Thats what I'm assuming too. Pulled over by the cops, they're going to realise and either contact RTA or issue you with some form of a warning or fine.
  7. Anyone on restrictions who falls for that is an absolute mug who deserves what they get.
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  8. Yeah i feel bad for the people who buy these without realising. But then again if you don't at least think it's kind of suspicious you probably arnt smart enough to be riding. I wish there was a way to warn people buying it. But then again I guess ill let natural selection do its job ;)
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  9. My previous bike (new), the dealer registered it as non lams (a mistake) but just took a new form into transport to get swapped back to lams. You can certainly register a lams as non lams and that is what it will become never to be turned back. Don't see what the cops would care about the bike itself, its your license that says what you can and can't ride.
  10. Who is going to pay $12K for an 08 R6? Just to remove the LAMS status...
  11. Not me :) I'd wait till I became unrestricted.