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What's the bloody point anymore... [vic]

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' at netrider.net.au started by Noticibly F.A.T, Jun 7, 2010.

  1. So, I've just been handed a government report and asked to file comment on it. It's about traffic management in Anglesea, and will have a direct bearing on us (Anglesea CFA). I have also noticed that they are collecting evidence and filling a report on reducing the speed limit on the GOR to 50km/h. Yes, the entire Great Ocean Road.... to 50km/h. I may be young, but I still remember when this road was 100km/h, and the towns were 60km/h. The full information they are collecting/basing the argument on is not cited in the report I have, but from what I've read, the main reasons are:

    - 1 fatality involving a motorcycle hitting a traffic island in Anglesea (speed limit is 60km/h in winter, 50km/h in summer. Incident occurred in October 2004 which would be 60km/h at that time of year.

    - Pedestrians complaining that they can't cross the road in summer due to the traffic volume (when the speed limit is 50km/h anyway)

    - Cars unable to pull out of side streets due to traffic volume in summer (when the speed limit is 50km/h)

    Like I said, this report only mentions that they are collecting information on whether or not to lower the speed limit on the GOR. It doesn't actually state what information is being used, or how it is being used (usually the worst bit).

    Am I the only person who feels like moving to Germany right now? Nice cheap benz/BMW and an autobahn. Not to mention Nurbergring Nordschleife on the weekends... Better brush up on my German!!!

    Auf Wiedersehen!
  2. Re: What's the bloody point anymore...

    Heil mein F├╝hrer, Sieg Heil, Heil Hitler

    no thanks :)
  3. Re: What's the bloody point anymore...

    Now I have never been along the GOR... but wouldn't a set of traffic lights in a few spots fix the above problems?
  4. Re: What's the bloody point anymore...

    It's been mentioned. Also the possibility of a ring road (which would be fkn expensive).

    They say average for Anglesea is 8000 VPD (vehicles per day). In summer the average goes up to 12,000. The report cites that they have seen up to 1,300 vehicles per HOUR during peak season. Fkn crazy!!!
  5. Re: What's the bloody point anymore...

    I can't think of a response to voice my rage that wouldn't leave me exposed to potential prosecution for inciting violence.](*,) I suppose we could just take turns to cut the speed limit sign posts off with an angle grider on Friday nights. That should give us Saturday mornings to assume it's a 100 zone before they get signage back up. :)
  6. Re: What's the bloody point anymore...

    Wanna know how many of my dollars they will see? None.
  7. Re: What's the bloody point anymore...

    How to lose car enthusiast and motorcyclist dollars lower speed limit to bare minimum these are some of the only people funding these towns during off peek periods.
  8. Re: What's the bloody point anymore...

    Beige cardi brigade are taking over :(

    Is MUARC behind this?
  9. Re: What's the bloody point anymore...

    theres a road near me that varies the speed zone every 200 meters or so.
    80, then 40, then 60, then 80 i think, or something like that.
    all in the space of maybe a kilometer.
    it's stupidly dangerous... it's a three lane road and a busy one at that.
    whilst a few of the vehicles are trying to stick to the posted speeds accurately, the majority of vehicles just go through the lot at 80.
    to make things even more complicated the 40 and 60 signs have a detailed time schedule in fine print so at certain times they default to other speed zones, 60 and 80 respectively i think.

    i just go through at 80 for my own safety... because if i try and reduce it to 40 as quickly as sign posted, the vehicle right on my tail might not.

    40 or 50 kph completely defeats the purpose of using a motorised vehicle.
    you may as well just walk it or pedal it.

    i know it's for a reason, apparantly school kiddies get run over constantly by vehicles travelling over 40 kph.
    but surely these are remarkably dumb children anyway and perhaps it's for the best
  10. Re: What's the bloody point anymore...

    Yeah, let's run kids over! Coz we got to get to work quicker!

    School zones are about the only time these stupid 40kmh limits are justified. Kids do not possess many of the skills required to determine speed, distance and time. This is not a 'dumb' thing as you so eloquently put it, but a process of brain development. In addition to their different state of mental development, kids are remarkably inwardly focused at these ages and will walk around in a World of their own, then they see their best mate and will rush to see them. They don't understand the consequences at that age. And running them over doesn't help.

    And this fine print? It's pretty easy to work out. It differs from state to state, but school zones are generally 7.30-9.00 and 2.30-4.00. If you can't work that out you need to get your eyes tested.
  11. Re: What's the bloody point anymore...

    yeah dunno, i'd just grab the kid by the ear and point at the road "THAT'S A ROAD, STAY OF THE ROAD" and maybe a swift kick up the backside to re-inforce it.

    i know kiddies and cars don't mix, but a 40kmh shared kiddie/car zone is silly.

    and once i was riding on this same road late at night, up in the distance one of these new 40 or 50 whatever is brightly lit up with red ... and for some reason my brain recognised that as a red stop light... and i slowed to a stop in front of it.
  12. Re: What's the bloody point anymore...

    But that doesn't work. It's proven to not work. And every time it doesn't work someone gets seriously hurt. I don't know about you, but I simply couldn't live with myself if I ran a kid over, for whatever reason. Doing 40kmh for a short while is such a small price to pay compared to the alternative.

    Now, if this GOR plan is for real, then that's is simply pathetic. The GOR, Lorne and Apollo Bay have been popular for years. It's marketed as a tourist attraction. How anyone can complain about congestion etc...now evades me.
  13. Re: What's the bloody point anymore...

    Congestion is what keeps their towns alive! The tourists PAY for those towns and put money back into the communities.

    I bloody hope this doesn't happen before I get to VIC later this year as GOR is one of the roads I look forward to most!
  14. Re: What's the bloody point anymore...

    sorry mate i too disagree with you, we wrap enough up in cotton wool, if they can't figure out that the road is dangerous then i think we as society have failed in teaching them correctly.......it's a bit like the lowest common domination

    As for you school time hours disagree those are stand times either, i go past 2 going to work, and lights come on at 8 so i had always made the assumption that is what time it drops to 40, agree writing is too small to read at a quick glance, so i just sorta ride by the general flow of the traffic....

    As for the the drop of the GOR limit well i can't see them doing it, as the time it would take to travel the road would take too long
  15. Re: What's the bloody point anymore...

    I'd like to see some concrete evidence of 50kph along the entire length of the GOR.
    Without it, this could be a troll by stealth....
    Communities put in submissions all the time and most don't get through.
    At most, I'd say they'd make some speed adjusments through towns with regular issues.

    Sorry Monkey man but you're way off the mark about grabbing a kid by the ear. They have yet developed the skills to be road savvy 100% of the time. School zones are a required evil but don't despair, motocyclists are not the biggest problem in those zones.
    Their own mums at times are the culprits that drive like lunys dropping off an picking up.
    Seen many problems picking up my own kids.
  16. Re: What's the bloody point anymore...

    OMG.. Please for the love of god don't do this.. GOR is the only road these days I find 'total freedom', doing most corners around 80km/h can still give (at least injured me) a great feeling of cornering, 50km/h.. Hmm, almost would consider selling the bike.
  17. Re: What's the bloody point anymore...

    This must be weekends? I ride a fair bit from my place in Hamlyn Heights (I'm 30 seconds from the ring road so EASY ride most of way to GOR) to Lorne weekdays for my riding fun, I am lucky to see at most, 3-5 cars around Anglesea at the times I ride through it both directions. 8000 VPD sounds stupidly high for the times I go through it. Sorry if I missed the word "weekends", just couldn't see it.

    *goes back to re-read the posts you did in here :)
  18. Re: What's the bloody point anymore...

    Reasons school zones drop speeds an hour or more before and after school start times because most schools have before and after school care.....

    Now really, is it too difficult to slow down to 40kph for 200 meters?

    Patience/tollerance is also a required driving skill and boy you need plenty of it.
  19. Re: What's the bloody point anymore...

    i am guess you are the same people that think i should have to have a fence around my pool (IN MY YARD) to keep other kids safe too, why not bring in a rule that says you have kids (YOU BUILD THE FENCE TO KEEP THEM IN) ](*,)
  20. Re: What's the bloody point anymore...

    There weren't school zones around when I was a kid and I'm young anyways at 23.

    My parents told me - in NO uncertain circumstances was I EVER to cross the road or be on the road at ANY TIME without a parents hand to hold. I was ALWAYS taught to look both ways, and if I could see a car coming from EITHER direction then it was not safe.

    I was lectured on never running after a ball onto the road, and if a ball of mine DID happen to go on the road that my parents would buy me another one, etc.

    I completely disagree with school zones - ALL parents should teach their kids road rules and I believe kindergartens should also be teaching them this. I knew road safety by the time I was 3 and was ready to cross roads safely by myself at 4 or 4.5 yrs old.

    I have patience and tolerance on the roads and don't speed in school zones - HOWEVER, I completely disagree with them being there. I rarely go through them but I just think "if we need to be cutting down speed because they aren't teaching kids road safety then what else aren't they teaching them? - and, if they don't know road safety, they could still run out in front of me at 40 for me to come of my bike and kill / injure both me and a kid".

    Think about it...