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Whats The Best Way

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by fuggit, Aug 31, 2005.

  1. Ok people Whats the best way to get rid of those annoying white stickers on the fuel tank that say read owners manual blah blah blah so i can put on my tank protector any ideas cause i'm stumped ](*,)

    cheers :D

  2. Gently warm the edges with a hair dryer then pick at a corner....once it starts to come up keep the heat on that point and pull gently.
  3. An angle grinder should do the trick :LOL:
    No just kidin, mine pealed of quite easy then i just cleaned off the sticky residue with some meth'o :D
  4. hey fuggit hows your new bike goin ;D

  5. Citrus cleaner takes off the residue as well.
  6. Well Cosi the bikes going great thanx :D :D went for a 3 hr joyride down to dubbo today 8)
  7. I was going to suggest you open tank and toss in a lit match.....

    Extreme measure I know but guaranteed to do the job :)
  8. I just put the tank protector on over the top of the stickers... much quicker :)
  9. Gee Vic ithought about that but i didnt wanna mess up my new hair cut :p
  10. Sheit Fuggit, you call Dubbo a joy ride, you Sydneysiders sure do need inspiration.
  11. umm
    nobby i come from west and north a bit of dubbo
  12. Better check your map of NSW, Nobby, you've been living in the sheltered cloisters of Narre Warren too long. Cobar is around 700 kays from Sydney; closer to South Aus, actually!
  13. I think he might feel positively insulted to be called a "Sydneysider"