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Whats the best time of year to sell a bike and why?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Guest, Jun 7, 2006.

  1. Winter

  2. Spring

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  3. Summer

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  4. Autumn

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  5. Doesn't Matter

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  1. So... pretty self explanatory.... just curious is all............... and now i'm just filling up space to get rid of that "message too short" shit that keeps coming up.... Grrrr
    So I have had a really good day today how about you???

    How many woods woulda woodchuck chuck, if a woodchuck could chuck wood???

    If your still reading... you shouldn't be allowed out in public unsupervised... :p :p ... just answer the question already.

  2. Not sure on road bikes, but trail bikes definatly cheaper to buy in middle of summer.

    Boats, jetskis, cheaper in winter.
  3. The theory is meant to be buy in winter, sell in summer.
    ... but that never works cos if i've just sold a bike in summer, then i'm gonna go buy one aren't i!!!
  4. Not necessarily Koma... you could have a few spare biccies and buy a 2nd bike in winter but not sell the 1st bike till the summer...

    Or... you sold your bike in summer and then didn't need another cause you were funding your st Moritz ski/shagging holiday... and then upon your return to Oz winter, you buy your new 'not so expensive' bike... :p


    I reckon there's lots to be said in buying new, but the run out model version... which is usually 1Q in the new year... and usually at a huge discount off the rrp... so I guess new my vote is NEW [old model]= summer. 2nd hand = winter.


  5. Have you been stalking me?.... thats almost the exact reason why i'm asking...... that is some freaky shite. I will have no use for my bike at that time next year for this reason. :wink:
  6. hey liddo, if you use the Quick Reply box you can do real short messages and not get nagged. Then you can copy it to the post reply box and add youe emoticons, if you don't know the keyboard shortcuts....
  7. Do'h!
    I screwed up. I meant to say BUY in winter, and sell in summer but I clicked winter (to buy.)

  8. Best time to buy from a dealer (used bike) is on a friday arvo in winter. (hopefully rained all week)

    There's less likely to be many people out looking at bikes. The bike shops not likely to have sold many, which means the price should be a bit more negotiable.

    Summer's a good time to sell a bike.

    Lots of people who only ride in nice weather are looking to pick up a nice bike for the the decent weather, so there's generally more demand.

    (which is a pity, because i've got two bikes to sell at the moment)

  9. I reckon sell in Spring to get majority profit, you have all the great weather ahead of you, but if I was to buy, I'd definately start looking around in winter ;)
  10. Late spring.

    People are reminded about that bike they have always wanted and the expense of christmas isn't upon them yet
  11. Spring, once the warmer weather starts.