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Whats the best thing you've smelt whilst riding?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Smithy, Aug 8, 2007.

  1. Went for a Sunday right with the wife on the back, and it's odd how just smell certain things over other smells. I'm not just talking about Saturday nights curry coming back to huant me, but other smells out on the road.

    I'm not just talking about exhaust fumes, but other smells like when we went past this one house we smelt a BarBQ (one of the better smells).

    What else have you smelt?
  2. Many times-particuarly trail riding,and when out in riding in especially bushy areas, I swear I have smelt that unmistakingly sweet aroma that can can only be weed growing in the forest. A big cross breeze fills my lungs with that sweet smell I knew so well from my mispent youth :cool:

    On the flipside, on long hwy rides, like Brisbane last xmas, you often get the acrid stench of rotting roadkill :?
  3. Definitely NOT The Whiff of Windsor after Putty :evil: :sick:
  4. Riding home in summer... when about every third house is having a bbq... bastards :evil: hehe
  5. Every time I smell newly-mown lucerne, it takes me back to my first riding round the Hunter Valley in the 70s. Memories, memories.
  6. Top of Lake Mountain in summer & the sweet smell of Eucalypt leaves :)
  7. definately isn't the Heathcote tip just starting Heathcote rd!!

    a whiff of a nice perfume when stopped at lights, or the smell of the clean coastal/forest air through the national park down south
  8. It's funny it was one of the first things I noticed on my commes home was the smell of BBQ's and then stews etc. Mentioned it to a few people and was lookd at a bit strangley [I'm used to that though :LOL: ] thinking back now it was older bikers who didn't get it, maybe thier smell was shot from too many exhaust fumes? Oh I also stopped smoking at the same time. :grin:
  9. the bbq's definitely top the list.
    next would be a nice ride on a summers evening, and yes.. that sweet pungent aroma that only those who know... know.. ;)

    the smell of perfume when u rock up to a set of lights, look across.. cop an eyefull... a picture adds to that smell :D
  10. a fresh batch of bakery goods is also high on the list

    or the ARNOTTS factory round corner of my place gets my hunger going all the time..
  11. KFC.

    without question, best smell ever.
  12. following a scooter girl in the transit lane on Military road and the sweetest perfume came wafting through my helmet.

    I couldn't bear to overtake her and the smell stayed with me all the way to work :grin:
  13. The smell of the bush after rain. Beautiful.

    Incidentally, it's amazing how even when on the freeway if you rip out a big fart you can still cop a wiff. :LOL:
  14. Stalker! :LOL:
  15. Obviously a lot of netriders like the smell of a cute lass at the lights… ok then, add another to the list of window-shoppers :grin: !

    I love the variety of smells you get on a long ride (or even drive for that matter) – Eucalypt, Pine, Perfume (I confess) Pie and Petrol station (for that mid-ride snack/fill up) followed lastly, but not leastly by the sea :cool: . Part of the fun of motorcycling IMHO.

    If you're riding with me, then it'll mostly be hidden by the whiff of petrol and engine oil coming out the back of the 2-stroker though.... :p
  16. that's because it lingers..
  17. Stig, I actually quite enjoy a whiff of 2stroke.
  18. Castrol 'R'
    Lemon-scented gums near Yanchep after the first rain on a hot day
    Dairy farms at dusk (takes me back about 45 years to my childhood)
  19. ..

    Tip Top bread factory.... ya can't beat the smell of hot fresh bread Mmmm bread.
  20. Bundy sugar refinery at night is one of the best smells of all time