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What's the best set of GEAR to have?

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by Tourer, May 5, 2006.

  1. Hi. In your opinion, what is the best helmet, jacket, pants, gloves (or any other accessory) for somebody who wants to commute from home to office?

    10km travel

    all comments welcome
  2. Helemt: Anything that doesn't fog easily (breath guard, fogcity visor, etc)

    Jacket: I always prefer leather (quilted), but textile jackets are a bit warmer, and better at keeping the rain out if it's really bucketing down.

    Pants: Depends what you have to wear to work. I'm more than happy in jeans if it means I don't have to change at work. I don't get wet/cold in 10 km's, but if you do, consider any of the textile pants, or carry a set of waterproofs that you can just throw over your work pants.

    Gloves: Summer sports gloves (leather) usually do me fine unless I'm travelling for more than 20 minutes at highway speeds in Winter.

    Considering the distance you have to travel (not very far), most light gear would work, it depends on how dry you want to be when you arrive at work.
  3. 10kms not far to ride, 20 minutes tops I am assuming.

    Depends what you wear at work, some people wear Draggin Jeans all day. Not me I wear a suit but even if I could wear draggins I wouldn't the kevlar rubs and they are not the most fashionable pant around.

    Get clothes that are simple to change out of at work and keep your suit at work. I wear a leather jacket, if it really pisses down then a once piece coverall is the go.

    Or get textile pants that go over your work pants and a textile jacket to go over work shirt/jumper.

    Any ways my $0.022 worth.
  4. I wear a pair of draggins and a leather jacket. Have to purchase a throw over rain jacket for the winter though
  5. in what sense?
  6. I'm interested too.. never heard of the kevlar rubbing?
  7. If your going to use the helmet every day get a decent one that wont start to fall apart after 100 uses. The advice on ones with anti-fog stuff is good.

    Textile jacket is probably best for the context you have posted.
    Pants, get some Dragins. They are usefull even if you get textile pants or leathers later, good for when you go shopping etc.
    Some cheap waterproof pants from disposal store are handy to have in your bag for longer trips when you get caught out.

    Leave shoes under your desk and change out of your boots when you get there. I would recomend boots with ankle armor, but at the very least any boots not shoes.

    Handy to keep some spare socks, shirt and even undies in your desk in case you get caught in rain and drenched one morning. Keeping a full change of clothes is a good idea too, saves trouble when you inevitably forget to throw pants in your bag, cant wear leathers in the office all day :grin: ("umm I have to make a trip to Kmart, will be back in 30 min")

    Summer style gloves should be fine. I like the Joe Rocket ones, comfortable, decent quality and good price.

    10 minute comute isnt very far and you will be comfortable in almost anything. Dont forget to consider more extended trips on weekends though,

    Dont waste money on crap gear, you will just upgrade in a few months when you realise its not good enough, better to pay for the good stuff from the start. Its hard when you are first starting and not sure how much you will be riding, but it is worthwhile.

    A rack or panniers on your bike make it much better for carying stuff, much better than a backpack. A worthwhile investment.
  8. I have the same problem as matti-san. The kevlar in my draggin's rubs as well, basically in the seat of the pants. I sit on my backside in an office all day, so off they come when I get to work, and into business clothes. Bleh!

    I'm buggered if I can stop my helmet from fogging up either. It's a Shoei with tons of vents, and the only solution seems to be to crack the visor slightly and put up with the wind noise (or hold my breath). :LOL:
  9. Even when you're riding it fogs up?

    I find my Shoei will get a little foggy sometimes if not moving but as soon as we're moving along it clears away very quickly.

    I usually open my visor if I'm stopped though.
  10. I guess some people have more sensitive skin, than others... matti-san, MrChicken!

    I have a similar trip to work as you, and I wear Draggin Jeans everyday, a leather jacket, and a cheap cover-all waterproof suit for when it's pissing down. Gloves are basic tourer gloves, not quite summer gloves, not quite winter gloves. And I wear tourer boots too... all day, everyday. Quite comfy, really. :)

    I do need to sort out the fog situation on my new visor. Had a Fogcity thing on my last one... (worked brilliantly) just haven't got one for the new visor.
  11. It is pretty much when I'm stop-starting in traffic first thing in the morning, and it just takes a bit longer to clear than I'm comfortable with. Not a major drama. The Shoei's a bloody great helmet.