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Whats the best road protection?

Discussion in 'Everything Else' started by Booki, Aug 4, 2011.

  1. Gday everyone, I am looking at revamping some of my road gear to suit my tard style riding.

    At the moment, i currently wear a pair of kevlar jeans and have a textile style jacket with very soft (basically useless) armour which covers my arms and back.

    Am i better off going a full leather jacket?

    I was considering some hard plastic style protection, similar to MX protection to wear underneath a jumper as my speeds won't be extreme in the vent of a off...Tard aint to good for much over 100km/h.

    So yes! that is my dilemma, interested in what all you other road riders wear, tard riders or not i believe it will still be relevant to help me make my decision.

    So is the mx style protection a good choice? I am thinking, something with decent back/chest protection, as well as elbow/arms and knee pads. Will these hold up well enough in the event of a slide along the road or will the plastic armour just melt away...

    Opinions awaits.
  2. Rst ventilator II. Great textile jacket with thermal and waterproofing. The best back protector I have come across.
  3. The best road protection is a head with the screws in the right way.

    In regards to actual gear, I'd say an off at 100 is as extreme as you need. A good textile jacket should do the job, the difference between the two is leather will generally keep for at least a second off. The plastic armour should not melt away. It will sc**** away to some degree but it should be reasonably abrasion resistant.
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  4. I have the RST Razor leather jacket and pants. very happy with both.
    Jacket has built in back protector
  5. Its pretty easy to upgrade your jacket armour. eg forcefield and knox. and a decent back protector. there are things like the knox cross shirt
    I have something similar I bought in Germany last year with soft armour. guys on dual sport bikes wear this
    sort of gear.
    suspect your weak point is the jeans. a decent pairs of textiles would be better.
    of course full leathers with decent armour are the safest
  6. should be OK. still need some abrasion protection though. will it fit under your jacket (with the armour out)?
  7. I would probebly need a bigger jacket to get that chunky armour to fit...

    Now this is going to sound probebly totally stupid...BUT...

    now that you mentioned abrasion protection, is there such thing as a hoody looking thing to go over the armour....I really do love the hoody hooligan look whilest on the tard...
  8. on the street i dont see a need for those big plastic protective things, if you're taking it in the dirt a bit it might be ok for when you drop it and land on a rock or something though.

    on the street i just used to wear a leather jacket, draggins and a pair of a* tech 2 boots (short ones, but super stiff sole). I cant ride a motard without stiff boots, just to lessen the impact of the pegs going into your feet when you land off things.

    but now when i ride i just rock full 2 piece leathers on the street, with a pair of a* tech 7 supermoto boots (they have replaceable sliders on the sole for foot out action).

    the big dilemma is what helmet!!! i wear a mixture of dirt lid and road lid, but if i was going to street ride alot i would go out and buy an 'icon variant' helmet.
  9. I like this bit.
  10. Yes, check out Armadillo's range of scooter jackets. They do a soft shell hoodie with 3DO armour. They had a video of a dummy being dragged down the road with it on and it held up pretty well. I had one and it was very well made.
  11. These just found in motorcycle shops?
  12. I currently just ride with my dirt lid and some goggles. Does anybody know where to get tinted goggles? If its even possible...?

    Otherwise i think the one of those icon varient lids look the goods..

    Only reason i thought the plastic protective things would be good is when i get ballsy enough to get to balance point on the Z, i think it would be better if i stacked with one of those on, as upposed to well...just leathers.

    I have had some small stacks on the dirt bike onto rocks and things and with my armour it soften the blows heaps! If i didn't have it on i would have been in serious pain, but then again i fell on some rocks....keep the idea's coming fellas.

    Probably going to source my stuff from ridersdiscount.com
  13. mx armour like the thor you linked, with the nylon netting or webbing stretcy stuff, needs to be covered with something abrasion resistant if you use it on road. because that stuff will melt into your wounds with friction, or possibly worse hook up on something. i don't think you'd find it very comfortable under a jacket anyway, as in you'd be too stiff on the bike, not loose and limber. would not help your riding.

    theres plenty of tinted googles around but not the mx type. goggles suck anyway on the road because they limmit your peripheal vision as compared to a visor.

    leather is still superior to textiles.

    nothing you wear on a bike should be considered to eliminate risk.
  14. Yes, look up their website and Find the video description of the jacket. Go try one at a local bike shop n see if it works for you
  15. The best physical protection is leather with good quality armour.

    However as Lilley said, the absolute best protection is having your head screwed on right.