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Whats the best plastic container to mount to my rack?

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' at netrider.net.au started by Sticky, Oct 30, 2008.

  1. Hey peoples, hoping you could help with me some of your experience.

    For the first few years of riding I used to have a milk crate attached to the rack on my bike... but after loosing a set of gloves and getting many things wet when it rained I recently changed to a plastic container box from Kmart that had a lid.

    Problem solved - wrong, although the plastic container has done a great job, its only taken about 3 months for the underside of the container to crack from the pressure of the big cable ties holding it on.

    So now I'm looking for another container to store all my stuff.
    Basically what I am after is something similar to what the couriers use. At the moment, I carry uni books, shopping, and leave my helmet and dri rider jacket in there when not riding.

    What do you recommend?
    I've been looking at plastic toolboxes but think they might be too heavy? The next container I use has to have vertical sides, not a container where they can fit inside each other and be stacked.
    All the luggage containers that bike stores sell I've avoided because of internal capacity and price, and not keen on a bag.

  2. Hmm. What about Pelican cases?

    Caribou Cases modifies them for adventure-touring motorcycles, but I'm sure you could go down to your local stuff-transporting-place and buy a Pelican case.
  3. cheers for that. will do a search on pelican cases. have never heard of them before.
  4. Pelican cases usually come with foam inserts that you can 'pick-n-pull' or cut out to make secure little pockets for your camera equipment/etc. That's the usual purpose of 'em - transporting fragile things in a sturdy waterproof, foam-packed briefcase.

    Only catch is that they're a very 'flat' case, so I doubt you could keep your helmet in one. :-k
  5. just had a look on there site they have some pretty decent looking stuff.
    quite a few different sizes, they had ones that arent flat and way too big as well. :)

    got some time tonight, so going down to the local bunnings and seeing if i can find something there.
    gotta carrying everything on my back at the moment which sucks. but at least not having the weight over the rear helps a little
  6. I dunno if you can find pelican cases in bunnings. they are commonly used for storing photographic equipments. You can try specialist photograhpic stores.

    Similar products, HPRC cases.

  7. for what it sounds like you want, I would fabricate up a little mounting plate to attach to your rear rack and then bolt a sturdy box onto that rack.

    Pellican cases are great, but you have to buy them offshore to get the cheap prices as the official pelican retailers in OZ are expensive. Also, I'm not sure they really fit your bill of cheap and big.

    I think you really want a big storage case from bunnings.
  8. Answer:

    A plastic bra

  9. Yeah, they're very much a rolls-royce solution. (Caribou sells lockable prepped ones for $150US or so, for example)

    Was just the first thing that sprang to mind, and I've never heard anyone fault their ruggedness. :)
  10. klr08.


    We love the Pelican cases! I carry shopping, we use them for camping, they're light, waterproof (found that out when one of the bikes spent ten minutes on it's side in a big puddle :oops: ) and tough.

    They're not the cheapest, but we're thrilled with them :grin:
  11. well bunnings didnt have anything useful, all their toolboxes were oddly shaped or too small.

    wasnt expecting to find the pelican cases there either, must have worded it wrong.

    anyway the idea of making a mounting plate to attach a container sounds like a great idea, might also try making another actual rack that has the weight more over the seat and less over the rear of the bike. at the moment anything over 10kg makes a huge difference to handling.

    anyway yeah still looking for some sort of plastic container that has strength in its construction to deal with the shaking.

    cheers for all your help so far, will post up pictures once i have a solution
  12. Tupperware? :LOL:.
  13.  Top
  14. Milk crate with a custom tarp to go over the top?
  15. tried the milk crate, but its not big enough. i want to be able to lock my stuff in it also, so that wouldnt work.

    thought i had found a good thing with a spacecase but its not big enough internally so on the search again. if anyone has other things that they have done to accomodate items on the back of the bike, please show.
  16. Rjays top box from peter stevens
    got one on my bike (look at the garage pic on my profile.)
    Waterproof and lockable.
  17. thanks for the photo link smee.

    ive been to the bike shops and seen the sort of rack cases that they have, and to say the least im not very impressed with them. they look quite tacky and cheap.

    for anyone still reading this what would be your thoughts on a custom made sheet metal box? i figure that since you cant custom make a plastic box, and also the fact that sheet metal can be light.
    the only thing i can think negatively would be the heat and metal bending.
  18. Custom, custom

    I am thinking of making a box myself too, as panniers wouldn't be much good for off road [too wide]. I suggest aluminium due to it's weight, but you'd have to get someone who can weld the stuff as it doesn't look too good pop riveted. If I get to making one in the near future I'll let you know how it goes.
  19. yeah mate pictures and such are great

    so far i have given up on my idea of finding a new plastic container and have gotten another one the same as before (40L Kmart box) but have made a bigger base plate to stop movment and also a inner plate to add strenght to it.

    will put pictures up when i get round to putting it all together

    cost will be about $20 in total.