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whats the best oil to use

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by cheky, Dec 2, 2008.

  1. Hi Everyone, I have been using Motul 10w - 40 for a while now on my TL1000R. Just see if that is the best oil or is there something else available which is a better product.

  2. Motul's beaut.
  3. Valvoline XLD Premium 20/50. 5L = $20 = frequent oil changes!
  4. Only Motul 5100 for mine :)
  5. I have been using fuchs oil that meets the requirements in in handbook :)
  6. Keep on with the Motul. Every Motul Product is first rate. I will not use any other brand.
  7. Mobil-1 Racing 4T 15W-50. It's one of a very few modern motorcycle oils on the market that doesn't cost and arm and a leg to buy.

    Motul 5100 is all based on obsoleted API SG (early 90's) oil technology.

    The Motul 7100 and 300V 4T FactoryLine stuff is actually a good modern oil. Pity it's priced like liquid gold.
  8. If there was a "best oil" there would only be one on sale.

    Use whatever you're comfortable with.

    I've used Valvoline engine armour in 2 cars and 2 bikes for a long time
    now and no probs.

    around 25 bucks for 5 litres
  9. Whatever oil meets the specs in your bike manual and that you're happy buying. Some oils 'feel' better than others, doesn't matter it is subjective. Just keep the changes like your bowel movements, regular.
  10. I only use Elf Oil, never let me down in extreme conditions!
  11. Any thoughts on Sikolene synthethic oils??? I use it, about $60 for 4Litre.

    From what people have said, i'll be using Motul on the next bike.
  12. Anyone tried Castrol 1 GPS or Castrol Power 1 Racing?
  13. I like Delo 400.
  14. Motul 7100

    How ever has anyone ever used AMSOIL Synthetic MCF which is for motorbikes.


    They have some outstanding claims and tests. I suppose if they where making false claims Mobil, Motul ect would have them in Court. And they seem to be the only ones that backup there statements with lab tests.

    Anyhoo what you guys think, I never used them. But i might on the next oil change.
  16. Where do you get it from ewq??
  17. shell ultra 4...just cause thats what the manufacturor reccomends....must have flakes of platinum in it though for $23/litre
  18. Yep I sure have used Amsoil. Used it in both my SV1000's, my little GS500 and in my car (engine, gearbox, diff) The extended drain intervals are great. For “on-road†use in engines and transmissions, change AMSOIL MCF and AMSOIL engine oil filter twice the motorcycle manufacturer change interval or one year, whichever comes first.

    There is a comparison of a lot of major motocycle oils and the results here: http://www.amsoil.com/lit/g2156.pdf

    MCF is suitable for bikes that require a 10w-40 oil. MCV is suitable for bike requiring 20w-50 oil.

    We know of this being used in many Ducati's, Harleys, Jap bikes, drag bikes and circuit racing bikes.

    As to the clutch slippage this will happen if you use any motor oil that isn't designed for wet clutch motocycles. You require an oil that meets JASO MA or JASO MA2 rated oil if you have a wet clutch. JASO MB (more slippery) rated oil is fine in motocycle engines that have a seperate or dry clutch area. eg, Ducati's with dry clutches or Harleys with seperate engine, primary drive and gear box oils.

    For more information I recommend talking to Peter from A1 Oils at info@a1oils.com.au