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what's the best non-scratch material to use as a cover?

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by ex-static, Jul 25, 2012.

  1. hey all wondering if anyone knows for sure which is the best non-scratch material to use as a bike cover.. most bike covers aren't lined and i can't afford a top-line cover just now.. was thinking silk myself but not sure..

  2. The standard oxford one is fine. Plastic doesn't scratch easy.
  3. I bought a cover from AMX, was $99.00 I think, it has a soft slightly fluffy lining.
    Supposed to be water and dust proof, UV resistant. It seems fine and has a strap and quick release buckle to secure it under the bike.
    If you were trying to cobble up something yourself maybe just throw an old bedsheet or similar over it before putting the cover on?
  4. IMHO keeping the inside of the cover clean is more important than what it's made of. Even the softest bunny-blanket will abrade your paintwork if it's impregnated with grit.

    A monthly run through the washing machine on cold will help.

    Personally I use a cover to prevent the sun from eating my plastics. That's all. I don't give a stuff about my paint job so I don't bother.
  5. yeah mine is out of the sun but not the elements but i'm after some unequivocal info on the best non-scratch material to use in lieu of a cover- not interested in what covers are out there.. an old bed sheet doesn't cut it for me or my bike.. she's a 99-model busa so only the best will do.. that's why i'm thinking silk..
  6. Buy a good looking bike-you wont want to cover it.
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  7. I use a garage
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  8. Faark--uber ugly ??
  9. Glass case in a museum maybe?
  10. For a Busa---hahaha,these are a butt ugly bike.
    Go like stink,but like the fat pig at the pub at midnight,best left early.
  11. this should do it

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  12. sorry I forgot the smilie.

    its just a bike.
  13. Forgive them father,they know what they ride.
  14. Aren't Buses parked outside at the depot?
  15. in a garage you only need the cheap cover to stop dust settling on it. in a carport where you will get wind, thats when you have to watch for abrasion after a while. in that case i would not bother with a cover at all.
  16. Im sure you could find a cheap lined bike cover on fleabay......I found one for my car thats lined, had a mirror thing, and had a zipper feature for the door.......it was something line $40. The good thing with lined is that I found it less likely to melt if touching the exhaust.
  17. I use a special rug woven out of the soft pubic hair from Peruvian virgins.
  18. I don't wish to know about your wank-blanket Bloke, just tell us what you put over your motorcycle.
    Fucking perverts on this site, I tell ya...
  19. yeah between the perverts, firebrands, mud-slingers, quibblers, and other geezers there isn't a lot of constructive help on this site.. that's why i don't come here much.. look at any given thread (like this one for example) and only a small percentage of posts are actually relevant, let alone helpful..