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Whats the best Newbie bike?

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by adadrian, Apr 22, 2012.

  1. in your opinion whats the best bike a newbie should get for his first bike??

    my first bike was a honda vtr250, it was a great little bike it was light, and zippy and enough power to get me to rev up if i need to. i also had a good ride on the cbrr250 and ninja250 those was heaps fun but to me for a newbie the honda vtr250 was definatly the easiest to learn on and i'd have to say a better newbie bike. (on what i've ridden)

    so saying that i have obviously not ridden all the newbie bikes so guys in your opinion what do you think is the best bike for a newbie???

    i currently ride a honda vt400 which is also a lams bike but its not as easy to ride as a lot of the other lighter bikes out there.
  2. Vtr250.
  3. Depends how you define 'best'. If it's easiest to learn to ride, not the LAMS cruisers.
  4. New gen ninja 250... but I maybe biased..

    Tried a couple of vtr250's but they both feel very unsettled in the rear. Maybe a lack of experience though. CB400 was pure awesome. Great blend of power, good looks and easy to ride. Bit on the exxy side for a recent example though.

    If you were after the quickest... rvf400. Put tyga fairings on it and it'd look the goods too
  5. yes easiest to learn to ride....best for learners

    not the quickest or best looking but the easiest to learn best for learners
  6. Gpx 250. It's a full fairing bike as opposed to the vtr so with wind ect in mind it's a plus...it's light and nimble so makes learning to corner ect a breeze ...and to top it off - they're cheap(I talk about the 88-07 models btw) and parts are a dime a dozen from wreckers or even the net as it's a model that's been in production for yonks
  7. Whats the best Newbie bike?

    The one that you like best, pure and simple.
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