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What's the best gear for staying warm

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' at netrider.net.au started by HB, Apr 30, 2012.

  1. I find I don't ride as long or as often when it is cold. I even prefer rain to the cold. It's something I want to rectify this winter, so what's the best way to keep warm.

    On the BDR I was cold on the bike most of the time. I had tights, thick jeans & cargos on my legs. Up top I had a long sleeve top, windcheater, scarf, neck roll, and thermal lining in a dri rider fabric jacket and obviously gloves.

    Any suggestions appreciated.:-s
  2. Think this has been raised a few times but perhaps a timely post.

    Long johns - great to ride in, not so good if your hoping to get lucky
    Heated grips an underrated item - if you're riding in very cold conditions or having early starts these are almost a safety item in themselves.
    Fog city visor insert - OK won't directly keep you warm but will avoid you having to crack open the visor to keep it from fogging up.
  3. Cheap waterproofs over the top of your regular gear. Wool underneath.
    Coming home on Sunday arvo I was freezing until I stopped and put the plastics on. I promise you it works.
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  4. I layer up my thermals. On the BDR here in SA I had two layers of thermals plus a jumper plus my jacket on top, two layers of thermals plus Kevlar jeans on the bottom. Wool thermals are much more effective than synthetics IMO. At the moment in Adelaide Kathmandu have some VERY good specials on their merino thermals which are normally horrendously expensive - currently 50% off then another 20% off. IThe sale finishes Wednesday 2 May.
  5. Thanks guys.

    I didn't have waterproofs last winter but got some earlier this year. I've actually used them the last couple of weekends at the footy, so will definitely put them on the next time I go out and see if they help. I actually had them with me yesterday, stopped to take the sunglasses off on the last stretch as I go through a section with absolutely no lighting other than my headlight, but never thought to put them on.

    I don't like the wool thermals, they make me itch, even with a layer between them & my skin. Gee Backmarker, you are the maestro of layering.
  6. Thermals (go synthetic from Aussie Disposals if the wool affects you)
    Wind blocker jacket - Again Aussie disposals have some for < $100
    Leather jacket
    Wet gear if needed

    +1 to heated hand grips, they are brilliant

    Also, some waterproof gloves will help; I just picked up a pair of RST winter gloves from Peter Stevens. I wouldn't wear them racing, but they cut out the wind from numbing the fingers.
  7. Must haves: merino long johns and long-sleeved top (you pay a bit extra and get the good stuff that doesn't itch - wait for a sale), neck warmer and heated hand grips.

    BMW gear is fantastic in the cold and wet but you need to wait for a sale before buying it as it's outrageously expensive. Most of my winter gear is BMW, all bought at around 50% - 70% off, including gloves and boots - great quality and really works.

    I can't ride when I'm cold - I go brain dead and can't compute. It's really scary so having the right gear is important. Have fun layering up!
  8. I live in a cold part of Victoria and ride 80ks to work every morning all year round. It was 2 degrees when I left for work this morning.

    Heated Grips. Would never own a bike without them as long as I live in cold climates.
    Good jacket and pants with removable liners. I've got Dryrider Nordic at the moment.
    Rain suit. Keeps the wind chill factor down.
    Scarf. Western Bulldogs scarves work best.
    Dainese winter gloves.

    The latest cold weather gear I've got is the Yamaha FJR1300. It works a treat.
  9. thought about getting a heated vest? I have heated grips and tips of fingers still get the chill, bark busters stop that though.
  10. I've used Skins type of undergarments before, but I'm a tight arse and bought Slazenger ones from Big W for about a 1/4 of Skins price. Only have long stocking type ones and they seemed to work, will get a long sleeve shirt as well.
    They wrok a treat dirt bike riding even when you get soaking wet.
  11. Balaclava and internal liners for your gloves - the best ones can be bought cheaply from Peter Stevens, and they are quite a lot better than the ones you get off Ebay. (Don't be fooled to think that the "motorcycle balaclavas" on Ebay will actually be thin enough to fit under your helmet).

    Arabic shmagh/kufiyah - no idea where to buy these in Australia but they offer a lot of warmth and protection when wrapped around your neck or even the lower half of your head.

    Other than that, just lots of warm layers underneath your gear. Hopefully your jacket isn't too tight because you need a bit of room to fit two jumpers in there.
  12. double thermals, and a thin wool jumper under a thermal lined textile jacket with a balaclava, double thermals on the bottoms too and long wool socks, then kevlar jeans.

    Thats what kept me warm riding in the winter in canberra where it was in the negatives with snow on the side of the road.
  13. Outdoor stores like Paddy Palin, Kathmandu etc sell excellent merino wool open faced balaclavas. The brand is Ice-Breaker.
    Thin and warm and hold their shape.
    Perfect for under the helmet.
  14. i don't know the answer, because i can't keep warm enough.
    but, you do need to keep your neck warm.
    back of your neck regulates a lot of body temperature.

    there is also the option of heated gear , but you'd have to buy from o/s

    a screen/windshield would also be of aid to the op
  15. This.
    I can't believe we got this far before someone mentioned a neck-sock! I wouldn't be without my Andy Strapz one in winter...
  16. I can't wear wool against my skin either HB, but I've found the good quality merino underlayers have worked well for me. I'm hopeless and really feel the cold so if it's under 10 degrees I do the full 'michelin man' thing:

    Merino gloveliners
    Merino baselayers - pants and top
    Merino midlayer - I've got icebreaker
    Kathmandu goretex neck sock

    I've found that leathers don't keep me as warm as textile (plus I can't stuff as much under leather) once it drops down into the single digits but I imagine if I put some sort of goretex (or other windproof) over the top that would probably help. As MT said you need to keep your neck warm. If my neck sock is not tucked in properly I get cold really quickly regardless of what I'm wearing. The same goes for my hands/arms, if there is air getting in there my arms get cold quickly.
  17. In a pinch if you find yourself on the road and cold in an emergency situation use a newspaper under your jacket in front of your chest and wrapped around your thighs under your pants and the sleeves of your jacket = its like having a block of wood there to cut out the wind.

    Its not the "cold" but rather the wind/air going through your clothing that makes you cold as you travel at speed
  18. This.

    Anything that stops the wind going through your base layers works a treat. Just ask any yachtie that has sailed in the southern ocean!! Base layers down there are useless without wet weather gear.

    Up here in QLD, its pretty rare for it to get that cold, so thermals are not normally needed, just the rain gear plus your normal jacket with the liner zipped in. My RST jacket also has a neck thingie that zips on to keep the wind of your neck. I have ridden out west in zero temps many times and it worked for me. A pair of winter gloves is also required.
  19. For really cold nights I wear leathers then one of those wollen undergarments followed by a compression undergarments...........ive got one of those oxford ninja mask thing for my head.

    If it gets even colder then I also wear my rain gear over all my stuff.........keeps me nice and crispy.

    The only thing that gets cold is my hands and face/nose.
  20. A car.
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