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Whats the best Day/Night visor???

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' at netrider.net.au started by fingers89, Dec 30, 2007.

  1. hi all,

    Im sick of wearing sunnies that can make me sweat along my brow, or that dont go in straight, so i was wondering if the iridium visors are ok for day and night. I know the tinted ones are good for day use, but you cant see anyhting at night time, and the standards have no light protection at day, but are fine for night use. so what about the iridiums, i havent heard much about them before, just knew they were there and never took notice.

    thanks in advance.

    cheers fingers89.
  2. LOL thanks mate. ill have a look through them soon.

  3. ps i spent months quiet on the search arguments coz every time i got so many irrelevant posts in return for my clicking.

    check the search for all terms box and it clears the shit out a bit
  4. I have a medium smoke visor and thus far it's been a really good compromise. That said, I don't do much riding at night, it's essentially only when I get caught short.
  5. you could get the helmets that have the clear visor and a sun visor all in one. if its sunny, you just put the sun visor down and then lift it up when its darks.

    or, go and buy a tinted visor and also a oxford visor holder and then just clip it around your waste. that way if your out for both day and night, you will have both visors with you.
  6. The only complaint I've heard about the dual visor helmets like the Nolan is that when the small tinted visor is up it can cause some very annoying reflections.
  7. Have a look at one of these if you can afford a new helmet, they look the goods!

    HJC FS-10 website

  8. i got an iridium visor on an agv helmet and well i cant see shit at night lol.

    although u can see a little with if there is alot of street lights or when the high beam is on.

    btw yes i do use it at night, but i dont do much night riding.
  9. I have one of the dual visor Nolan's, and never had an issue with reflections .. the only thing that could be improved on them is the tint to be a bit darker .. apart from that .. looking down the road and being tinted, while at the same time, looking down at yr instruments through the clear section is brilliant !! I LOVE IT