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Whats the best birthday present?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Flipper, Oct 31, 2005.

  1. As a person who loves riding, what's the best birthday present you've ever gotten?
    I personally haven't recieved "bike related" pressies from family cause no-one else in my family rides so basically they have no idea but they have given me cash instead that have gone toward some great items.
    Although I once got a pair of Draggins for my birthday from a "close" friend tho :D
    What else have other people recieved?

  2. My brother gave me my magnetic tank bag for 'our' birthday; it's been a great gift because I hate carrying too much stuff with me. Even when I came down to Melbourne, I only used it and a basic Ventura bag...
  3. I'll give you a tip on that one Hornet. Gladwrap......put it on the tank under the tankbag, or over time the paint will get scuffed. My Triumph Sprint RS tank was pretty badly marked. Somebody told me about the Gladwrap trick about 3 months too late.
  4. I gave my partner a bigger bike. But it is still sitting in a box in the garage :shock:

    I guess he wanted a real one. :?
  5. Mum & Dad got me and my brother a PW50 for a chrissie present in 1981. Sure, that's not a birthday present but it's still pretty good. :D

    Best actual birthaday present was probably the guitar I got for my 21st. :)
  6. :shock: Nooooo shame!

    A bigger bike you say? Sounds like she rides a manbag (aka Across) then with that sort of shamelful atittude. :LOL:
  7. Good trick, inci, I'm planning on getting my spiffy Hornet 599 stickers that Steve made for me put on the tank, and having it re-painted and laquered at the same time, so I sure don't want to damage the paint surface after that if I can avoid it.
  8. The wife-to-be as a wedding present bought me a set of custom made leathers - Tiger Angel Guardian suit.

    And for last Christmas my Dad gave me a set of BMW toy motorbikes :)
  9. So when it coming out of the box? or was it you that wanted the real one :LOL:
  10. What about a Gift Voucher fo a bike shop? Can't go wrong with that, or maybe a ventura seat bag which are on $100.
  11. My birthday is still a couple of months away but ive already been told what im getting .Something i've wanted for many , many years .
  12. Thanks for sharing with us what it is! :eek: or maybe it's a secret! 8)
  13. It was actually my birthday last week!

    I had my olds get me a new riding jacket, my brother new gloves, and my sister new Oakley's suitable for riding :p

    Mum wanted to buy me either some kind of girly clothes or a car. I declined.

    Excellent birthday!
  14. No secret Steve . It has nothing to do with bikes and it's still about 7 months away . I"M GOING TO BE A DAD :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D .
  15. WOO HOO congrats Dave, what a great year you're having!!!
  16. Thank-you Paul. :D ....
  17. Congrats for you both :)
  18. Congratulations!! Let me know if you need help to fit the sidecar.

    Kids are great - their little hands can retrieve dropped camchains from places that you simple can't reach. They think washing dad's bike is fun (coz ya get to play with the hose). Give them a box of loose nut and bolts and they'll entertain themselves for an afternoon AND get your miscellaneous fasteners sorted. If you have a few (or their mates are over to play) they're ideal from putting some weight on the seat while you adjust the chain.

    They'll also sit on the bench and listen while you explain the key differences between 4 and 2 stroke engines. They'll even nod as if they understood. This creates a positive aura in the workshop and reduces the risk of damaging fragile components. (They are also capable of accurately relating what Dad said when the fragile part did break.)

    A kid is the best workshop accessory you can have. I can't think of a better present

    *Important tip - you need to explain that coarse sanding happens BEFORE the gloss coat goes on, not after.
  19. Work of art, Mark, sure to encourage Dave to produce a whole TRIBE of little Midnights!! :D