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Whats the best bike under $5000

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by RiceRocket, Nov 21, 2004.

  1. Ok im throwing the question at yall's 8) what is the best road bike that you know is for sale, first or second hand, that is under 5 grand. (p.s gotta be 250cc or under) I'm personally thinking a yamaha zeal 250 just cause i like naked bikes! and i also like the look of Honda CBR-250 evan though it aint naked but ive hered it will kick the zeals but n e day! what do u guys think.


  2. Not that I've had too much experience with them but VTRs are certainly a popular bike especially in the naked sports category. Have a reputation for being reliable plus they look the deal - like a little ducati monster
  3. Cheers outtalive! i'll start some research on the VTRs
  4. its simple : across
  5. Suzukis's dont really do much for me unfortunately. I dont resent them but yeah if i was given a choice i'd pick honda 8) or yamaha :twisted: over a suzu!


  6. mate, none of these bikes are gunna kick any other bikes ass. the difference between my bandit and my mates CBR was sweet FA, and i whooped him around twisties. its all the rider, find a bike thats comfy for YOU and that'll make you faster than a .0001 HP difference between a couple of 250s :wink:
  7. The zeal is a great bike. If your a good rider, you can kick-ass on a zeal of even 600cc bikes. If you like the zeal, get it and practice/train on becoming a good rider then what bike you are riding doesn't matter so much.
  8. Awesome Advice! Thanks! Who makes Bandits?

  9. Yeah i really like the zeal 8) Do you know how it compares in terms of weight. Is it a heavy bike for a 250cc?


  10. Very little difference between a zeal and a cbr250, and most 250's for that matter. Zeal = 145kg, babyblade=142kg, zzr250=146kg, Across = 159kg, Baby Bandit = 147kg.
  11. The zeal is looking better and better by the minute! do u know of n e one who is selling one?


  12. Pull out the yellowpages and let your fingers do the walking. Ring around the Brisbane dealers (Metro Yamaha etc.) and ask. Checkout your local print classifieds (we have 'The Trading Post' in Melb for example). Checkout the online classifieds and google etc.
  13. Yeah meto yamaha is right near my place! i'll go check them out! and im preety shore there is a place called "sumoto world of leaner bikes" i might check them out!
  14. ... be prepared to pay through the nose if you're goin there.
    If they advertise a 2004 model bike, it's most likely a 90's (even late 80's :eek: ) manufactured bike that they have imported from Japan and resprayed it to current colours and complianced it.
  15. yeah ive been drilled for my sumoto coment alot! ive learnt my lesson!

  16. The other 250's that mouth is referring to are the 2 strokers... NSR / RGV / RS / KR1 / TZR. They have considerably more HP than 4 stroke 250s.
  17. Yeah, cant wait till 250cc four strokes can keep up with the little 250cc rice rockets
  18. It's been a while since I rode it, but I had a lot of fun on a Suzuki 250 bandit, which has very much the same sort of Ducati naked look to it as the VTR outtalive was talking about. They're a pretty eye-catching sorta bike, and they rev out nice and high and loud. :)
  19. How much for a bandit???? im limited in monetry supply!
  20. my bandit cost me $4k and i sold it for the same money 8000ks down the track. i reckon the bandit is the pick of the bunch with all the naked 250's but i owned one so i am biased. go for anything after 95 with the bandit, the 94 and earlier is a very different bike and no-where near as good.

    whatever the case, you're on the right track. these nekkid 250s are awesome fun and look a damn site better than their full faring cousins. when i was looking for a 250, it was between the bandit and the balius, both are very similar. but the bandit ended up winning cos its easier to find an older version, so you can get them cheaper. personally didn't like the look of the zeal, and the hornet was too expensive to even consider so i didn't look any further into them. i'm sure they're nice bikes but they never got close for me :D