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Whats the average expected total km out of a 250cc engine?

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' at netrider.net.au started by mashwoo, May 29, 2005.

  1. Just curious so I knows when to start walking away from a bike based on km on clock :?:

  2. good question, i;ve always ment to ask that

    *sits and waits for reply*
  3. How long is a piece of string???
    Seriously, there is no such thing as an "average" life expectancy, there are WAY too many variable factors to take into account; riding style of owner/s, servicing record, crashes, number of owners, the list goes on and on.
    250cc motors operate at high revs most of the time and are therefore highly stressed little beasties, this is also a factor.
    A bike may be high mileage but has been well looked after and so is a good buy, and the opposite can also apply.
    I know, I'm not answering the question....
    The simple rule is this; buy the lowest mileage bike you can as long as it's not a crash victim. Careful examination should tell you this.
    Having said that, Japanese manufacturers have perfected 4 stroke technology, reliability and longevity and you should not exclude a high mileage bike if the owner can substantiate a scrupulous servicing record.
  4. I think there are so many variables... If you maintained everything perfectly, and replaced parts before they wore out, theoretically it should run forever. :) If you did nothing but routine services, I reckon 50,000 kms should be easy for most bikes...
  5. when I was looking at my CBR I was concerned that it had done 57k, I took it to a bike mechanic and he said he has seen them recked after 20k and seen them run up to and beyond 80-90k!

    Like with all motors, it is important not to rev them when they are cold, because everything is cold and brittle, also the oil can't do it's job propperly till it warms up!
  6. 50,000 kms?
    You are a pessimist.
    There are quite a few examples of 250's that have double that and still going strong.
    In fact a frisnd in sydney had a Spada that had 120,000 kms on it before he blew up the engine at Eastern creek when he downshifted a few too many gears.
    That Spada would have gone on and on and on forever.
    So long as you service it regularly and maintain all the other bits 50,000 is nothing!
  7. I have a spada too......is there more than 99,999km reading on the clock?? I can't remember, and too lazy to walk outside to check, can anyone confirm?
  8. So to sum up:
    -20 000 if treated very very badly
    -Up to and beyond 90 000 is good
    -120 000 if loved

    Are these partially accurate generallizations?
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  10. my brother blew up his GPx250 at 290,000km....
  11. Has anyone here seen a 250 top 150 000km?
  12. Thanks for that, very inspiring :D
  13. Dan....huh?? :p :p

    I'm pretty sure it doesn't go over 99,999km...but I hate being wrong.....how come guys here are refering to Spada doing 120,000km...??
  14. Very inspiring, but it does illustrate that Japese 4 stroke engines are remarkably good. Most small capacity car engines wouldn't have reached that mileage without major surgery at some stage.
  15. yeah I would not expect to get more than 250 000 out of 4 cylinder car engine.
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  17. i have seen a CBR250R do 130,000 km I'm preaty shoure it is genuane as my friend bought it form a honda dealership in 96 or 97 the comliance was done in 96... and it had just over 20,000 when he bought it... I have been doing all the servicing and tuning on it even though it has changed owners twice in that time... the latest owner still has to bring it in for a service...
  18. Untame_me is right - you lot are full of cr@p. Everyone knows that the odometer's connected to the speedo cable, and the cable's connected to the camshaft, and the camshaft's connected to the cam chain, and the cam chain's connected to the crankshaft, etc...the chain's connected to the rear wheel.

    The first thing I was taught was - don't go riding a bike when it gets close to the biggest number the odometer can display because if it gets to that number when you're going fast, the bike will stop suddenly and you'll be thrown of.

    All this stuff about going to 120,000km is really dangerous and you should know better than to be filling newbie's head with this kind of nonsense. :wink:
  19. I think chairman is talking poo! Just because a bike has 120,000 on the clock doesn't mean its shagged. If a engine is well maintained it will last a long time regardless of mileage. When I was a motorcycle courier back in the UK I put nearly 200,000 miles on a honda PC800 and the motor was fine. It was more like the switch blocks and bodywork that was looking second hand and my bike wasn't the only one like this. Where do people get this impession from that if an engine has more than 50,000 it shagged?
  20. absolutely correct
    I have a mate with a 750cc Kawasaki
    that gets maintained very well and he is approaching 200,000
    yes, its had the camchain done
    and had a few chain/sprockets tyres brake pads over the years
    but its on its original engine