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What's that plane?

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by undii, Mar 6, 2011.

  1. Hi, a mate went to Avalon airshow y/day (I was going but our daughter needed a 6 hr hospital visit y/day, her first one so didn't go) and another friend wants to know what plane this is. Anyone able to help?

    Thanks :)


  2. USAF B-1B Lancer
  3. That would be a US , B1 Lancer Bomber

    She is a swing wing, supersonic that can deliver BIG bombs or a multitude of cruise missiles anywhere in the world non stop return ( with in flight refueling )
  4. Nice pic undii (y)
    As the guys above said.
  5. that's a big big plane.
  6. i would have thought that the answer to that question was plane :p
  7. It's a beaut ain't it! You should have heard it take off at the end (~5pm), easily the loudest thing all day.
  8. If you think that one's loud, you should hear it's older brother. The B1-B is a cheaper stripped out subsonic version of the original B1 supersonic multi-role bomber. When something that big goes by at mach 1.2 at treetop height, ... you'll know what ACDC meant when they talked about Thunderstruck.
  9. Que?????
  10. The B1-B is subsonic; it's older brother the B1? is not supersonic and can go mach 1.2 is what I gathered he was saying..
  11. ok - I could have put that better. The original B1 was designed to meet a USAF request for a multi role heavy bomber, that could carry nearly as much as the B52, nearly as far, but be able to go supersonic, and in the fine print they asked for things like terrain following radar and described a mission they wanted to be able to fly with it, which had take off and climb to high altitude, cruise, descend to low altitude, go supersonic, slow down to drop ordinance, go super again, then climb and go back to a long subsonic cruise home.

    Rockwell accepted the challenge and developed the aircraft - at great expense. However, by the time it was ready to go into production, the Iron Curtain had fallen and the need for it had evaporated. So a deal was struck where Rockwell produced a smaller number of lower spec aircraft, at a price that allowed them to cover their costs and escape with a small profit, and the yank military got a smallish fleet of slower, cheaper, less capable aircraft. That's what you see in the picture.

    The one I was talking about was one of the prototype / development mules used by Rockwell. The USAF never got their hands on them. They cost a mint, but had a range / payload capability not far off a B52, a low level flight capability not far off an F111, and a speed / climb / acceleration capability not far off a fighter / interceptor. They were the aeroplane all F14 Tomcats wanted to be when they grew up.
  12. Then what's the point of it having swept wings? I thought the purpose fo that was to reduce the shock drag.
  13. So are you saying Mach 1.2 is not supersonic? If so, somebody had better notify Chuck Yeager and inform him that he failed to break the sound barrier :)
  14. To address the above two posts, the following is written in wikipedia here:

    Acc to kneedragon, the original design brief required supersonic speeds at low altitude, but the production model is only capable of subsonic speeds at low altitude.
  15. Ahh the great battles of Wikipedia and Google, you see a lot of it these days.
  16. Yeah, but the advantage of wikipedia is you can rewrite it to suit your argument. :p
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    Cheers for the answer(s), we ended up heading out for the day and got back not too long ago so hence the late'ish reply/thanks.

    Here's a vid he took at the airshow for anyone interested. [media=youtube]3Grd0JaHMzs[/media]
  18. The Friday night show we got the big bangs without the ground troops.

    You don't get quite as much flying on the public part of Friday but the fireworks and laser show made up for it.

    Plus "Connie" taking off and doing fly pasts at night is spectacular.
  19. LOL ADG's....
  20. Tat was parked at Mel, I saw it take off when i was out on a taxiway, sadly they don't give it much stick like they used to, got a vid of it, a very short take off run though, about half that of a saab into a strong headwind for those who watch planes at Mel