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whats that mark?

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' at netrider.net.au started by Lobsta, Aug 28, 2008.

  1. ok you super bike type dudes. lets play a game of "What's that mark?". what do you think the circled mark is?

    I am thinking either dirt/grass, rust that has run, or some type of engine fluid. I havent seen this bike in person (yes, it is a person), but the seller has emailed me quite a few photos. the same mark is visible in an older (not sure how much older, but not much) photo.

    i dont think its a crack, as that sort of crack
    a) is very hard to make while keeping the fairings in that condition
    b) would probably make the back wheel fall off
    c) would give the bike 0% chance of selling, so why try

    free hugs to the first correct answer.


    EDIT: would help if i attached the bloody picture, wouldnt it

  2. You forgot to take your pill this evening.
  3. im in the process of uploading the pic.... shaddup! and i dont take pills, i sell them...

  4. That's 1 free hug you owe Vic.

    Seriously, WTF are you talking about?
    If you are in possession of pics, could you please post the pics?
  5. while I'm waiting for the pics, my answer is 'B'

    man i hope it's 'B'
  6. the pic should be there now!!! can people see the pic?

    stoopid image hosting...

  7. nope, not 'B'

    but it could be 'bee'
    or fly
    or dirt
    or road grime
    or surface rust
    or crap on the filter (it's a long shot but there's a free hug in it so i'm calling it)

    Best bet is to go and have a look at it.
  8. i dont reckon thats a crack. but only a proper "in person" visual would confirm it.
  9. Dood, needle in a hay stack.

    Take camera, take 4 steps forward, squat, set camera to macro mode, press shutter release button, upload pic.

    btw, your garden hose is leaking :rofl:
  10. my thought is possibly fluid from the line directly above the mystery mark, is that the brake line (i iz also gud wif the mechananicals)

    another shot from the same side.

    the first image is more recent (u can tell by the scratch on the mirror that isnt there on one pic)
  11. not at my house. otherwise i would have licked the spot by now and told you what it tastes like. these are seller's photos
  12. not fluid either.
    looks to be a scratch.
  13. ...orr, just a little runoff from the shitty spot of grease/rust/roadgrime sitting on top of the swingarm. you can clearly see a little nugget of crap there. probably excess lube or something trickling down.
    certainly doesnt look like a deal-breaker.
  14. thanks for all the replys guys. thinking of drivin down tomoz to look at it in person, those other rust spots make me ponder, bot not really worry, they look superficial. i am gonna make a move on this bike.

    its a 1998 model gpx, 16000kms, first owner stored it for a while, just got new sparkies and battery (usually the things that suffer from long periods of not being used?). the asking price is $4000 (tell them they're dreaming). im gonna offer 3, with the possibility of 3.5 depending on independent mechanics evaluation, how great it looks in person, how big the seller's rack is, etc. it comes with tank bag and rego till 11/08, so not much there. the tank bag i would be buying anyway, but shh, dont tell them that...


    edit, oh, and because i am in a state of "i want that bike" euphoria, you all qualify for hugs! you can come and collect them from me in brisbane whenever you want!
  15. If she's good looking, I want a photo of her rack :)
  16. God you're picky

    It's an OLD bike, there will be things wrong with it.

    Do you feel the need to post a new thread everytime you change your underwear?

    (dude, not trying to be rude but you seriously need to think before you go near a keyboard)
  17. It's the leading edge of a bracket or something else mounted on the swing arm.
  18. could be anything really, crack, oil, whatever. go take a close up shot and then show people.. you can buy my bike for $4.5K if you want it and then you can rest easy and stop harrasing people with questions about your crack. :grin:
  19. Looks like a scratch in the paint which has rusted/filled with dirt.
  20. I believe the Marque to be Kawasaki.